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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plan Your Travel With Accor

It's countless how many times I've mentioned that go traveling is the top on my current wish list. Yes, I'm looking forward to one nearby but I would love to visit Korea after much exposed to the "Sparkling Korea" travel advertisement or was it because of watching too much of Korean drama series? I'm not too sure though... Anyway, I'm seriously would love visiting this country when my boy grows bigger. I want to bring him to have fun at the largest theme park in Korea ~ Everland. I was told this theme park has some very nice events even greater than Disneyland. It doesn't mean that I don't like Disneyland but I don't really love going to Hong Kong for their ever packed and human congestion. Meanwhile, going US, France or Japan may exceed my budget most probably!

How I wish Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific will be available by the time we are ready to pack our luggage. For those who are looking for budget vacation, this is the one you must not miss! They are running a very good deal for room booking online from 27th October-30th October 2009 for the stays between December 09 to April 10. There are over one million of rooms across Asia Pacific with special price as low as USD30 per night so you better check out their website today. Anyway, the rates will be varied at different Accor's brand eg Novotel, All Seasons, Grand Mercure etc. For your information, Accor is a well known company in the hospitality industry and they are the European leader in hotels.



Think Twice When U Eat It

I'll usually love to flip the Chinese paper at the pantry after lunch when there's still some time left. This news is reported in a rather small column but the content really gave me a shock! A man claimed that he had eaten a fried chicken with CHICKEN SHITS! OMG! Can you imagine that?! Yuck... How can the chicken shit got into the fried chicken if it wasn't the "work" of some really bad staffs who had done that purposely? Any excuses of that particular fast food for mal-handling shouldn't be accepted because that's the shits & how can the shits not being separated from the chicken meat... It was reported that the man bought from a well known fast food chain and I'm still thinking which one. But thinking of fried chicken the name comes out from my mind almost spontaneously. I'm not sure the name is revealed in others daily ...


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do You Collect Coins

If you are serious into it and some researches to be done, you can actually earn yourself some handsome profits in your hobbies. You don't believe me? Collecting rare coins or certified coins is one of that. It's not difficult to turn this hobby into a profit-earning activity if you seeking the help of Monaco Rare Coin (which is part of the Monex companies). They will provide with the most professional consultation in the wholesale market, collector market, international market and even in the auctions. What's more, their representative can provide you with the latest updates and the opportunities available in the coins market too. I guess I'll consider getting myself active into this buy & sell of rare coins when I retired from my job one day!


Will We Going Out...

Yeah looking at our Wedding Anniversary ticker only I realize that the 3rd anniversary is approaching... It's getting very near... It's next month or in less than a month time! Previously, we celebrated this occasion at a comfy restaurant but I'm still considering whether or not we should go out to celebrate it. Perhaps we just order some food and stay at home? Because this year we are celebrating it with our precious baby. Since he is still small, 4 months old in November'09 and we are still worry about the flu. No place is safer than our own house! But then this is the very first time we celebrate it with our baby, if just stay at home is NO FUN at all. So I'm still considering and see how it goes...

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Cool Coconut Jelly

The weather this week is quite unpredictable, it can be very extreme ie. hot sunny in the morning but downpour in the evening! So you better bring along your umbrella if you are working late or you think you'll just come back late from shopping or something like that... But the pass few weeks it was quite hot and humid. You know what we had at home to keep us COOL? Yeah as the title already told ~ Coconut Jelly ~ My mum bought that to us. I can tell you it's very yummy (provided if you love coconut drinks) According to my mum, this is very popular dessert selling in the market. This is simply good to chase-away the heat in our body & perhaps you may make this into your party food!