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Friday, April 16, 2010

Beauty School

Cosmetic industry is actually a very challenging and interesting field because most of us apply cosmetic daily for different occasion. Try to think about it, one may suitable for certain colors on the face according to our skin color whereas we need to match it to our outfits too and considering the occasions we are attending. So what am I trying to say here is one makeup won't giving the same result to everyone because we all have different personalities. Looking at those models and actress, we may notice that a certain bright color for example gives a very fresh look while the same thing doesn't show on the other. For those who are considering going serious in this fashionable industry, I think one should have checked out cosmetology school in Minnesota in further studies first to equip with the necessary skills and knowledge.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

These People Are Nuts!

This post is totally my frustration over two people who happen to be they have some "close relationship" with us. Actually my hubby's side people... These kiasu people only think of their own benefits, comfort, convenience... & never ever considering at others' feeling. I'm wondering why there have such people who can survive on the earth. They asked hubby to drive them to the hospital for comprehensive body checking in the morning but it's just too inconvenient to do that:~ 1) have to go to the house in early morning & reach hospital at a specified time 2) Their house & our house are quite far apart! Why don't they ask the stupid younger son who stay with them to drive them to the hospital. Or they can simply call a cab which is easy. It's just body checking, they can walk & no problem on mobility... such a small matter they turned out mad at us for not driving them. Ok that's it, thinking further will just make me sick!

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Only If You're Free...

I think it's no harm to check out the Best casinos when you are absolutely free or during your break for leisure purpose. I'm not a gambler and I don't have much knowledge on most of the gambling but it's quite interesting when watching people place their chips on the table in Hollywood movies. And the drama series ~ Las Vegas ~ is fantastic if I got the chance to visit the casinos there one day! But hey Best casinos offers great games too so that's easy for everyone. All you need is you gotta have internet at home with strong broadband speed. No need to fly far away to Las Vegas. Anyway, only adults with 21 and/or above is recommended for this game ok!


I'm actually a fruits mania I shall call myself because I love eating most of the fruits since small girl. I think this is most probably because we were "trained" to eat fruits by parents after dinner every night when we were still small kids. So both my parents are fruits lover too! But I have a slight phobia on durian because there was one incident where I developed into fever after I ate too much of it I guess... So it's time for me to introduce fruits to my baby now. First I started with kiwi because it's soft so it's easier for him. I chose Zepri Gold which is golden yellow color inside and it tastes much sweeter than the original green one. You know little XJ blinks his eyes like telling me it's sour! Probably because it's the first time he is exposed to this citrus fruit and give some weird feeling for him. But when I let him try apple which is absolutely sweet, he still blinks his eyes?!...

~ Kiwi in the basket ~

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

For The Love & Care

Do you usually buy presents to your family members on the special occasion? Well, it's kinda important to remember a person's special day as it shows how much you concern towards this person. Frankly, I can't remember my friends' birthday save for a few really close one but I remember all my family members' birthday and buy them a gift without fail. I think how much value of the gift doesn't matter but this is a gesture that a person may much appreciated. Anyway, I would like to buy gold bullion for my parents on their wedding anniversary day which is around the corner. I want to thank my parents for bringing-up us with endless love and care!


A Rainy Morning...

Oh it's a rainy morning, I can smell he rain when I woke up from the bed just now. I thought I want to sleep a bit later but I forced myself to get up because I gotta sort out some assignments before its due date as I've wasted some weeks before. And I gotta do it fast before my little baby wakes up too. The aroma of coffee refreshes me instantly & make my brain function in the early morning! So I hardly go on without caffeine! Still doubt about the plan later. Don't know where we gonna have breakfast and the activities after that... I guess I need to get the pile of laundry out of the basket & wash the washroom before the little guy disturb me!

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