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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Banzai DVD Games

Hello people, do you love playing DVD games? Do you love sushi? You must be thinking what's the relationship between playing DVD games and sushi. I don't want you to drag your head further, let me tell you straight forward here that Screenlife Games has launched a very funny game which is named after a hit TV show, Banzai. Well, you are not required to swallow the sushi as it's not a sushi eating competition entirely but if you do like sushi, I'm sure you will have the guts to take it as a challenge.

In this game, you are fully tested on the skill of using chopsticks! You are required to pick as many sushi as possible within the given time of 15-minute into your sushi bowl. But before that, all the players have to watch stunts from acclaimed Super Banzai Video Show and bet on the outcome of the stunt. Anyway, whoever has the most sushi in the bowl will appear to be the winner of the game. Isn't it good to play?

This is great playing with family members and friends. If you are still thinking a game for the party you are going to organize, why not trying Banzai as I think it's most appropriate. You can buy it online at a discounted price of only $29.99. You can even download the cute picture of Tako-gotchi for wallpaper and screensaver too. Check out Tako own Myspace page at Anyone wanna play with me? Let me warn you, I'm good at using chopsticks! Hehehe...

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:


Weird Weather...

Oh here are some hot days recently. I'm sweating even in the early morning when I get out from the bed. I have to go for a cold shower instead of a warm shower in the morning! The weather is a bit weird too. It can change any minute as what happened last couple of days, it rain heavily in the afternoon although it's extremely hot in the morning. So, it's better to bring along umbrella or rain coat when we go out for a walk in the park. How's the weather at your place? Mind to share?...


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Learn How To Make Good Digital Photos

Are you the one who always given the responsibility to take care of the family photos? I mean your family members not just hoping you merely develop the photos from your digital camera but expect you to create something fun, interesting and showing everyone in a slideshow but you don't know how? Don't worry much because Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover can help whereby they sending two experts, Zoey and Chris to guide us on how to turn an ordinary digital photos into something colourful and attractive. I love what they have done for the family photos in "A Walk in the Park", a simple touch on the photos could really bring the magical moment in sharing within the family. This is amazing! I'm jumping over to the tips and tutorials to enhance my skill now. Hey folks, don't forget to participate the contest which may win you a chance to feature on the show besides winning some fabulous digital gadgets like HDTV, cameras and more!


Have You Received IKEA Catalogue 2009?

Both hubby and myself are fan of IKEA basically due to their simple and nice concept. Tell you, I still keep IKEA old catalogues from 2000 as I think their style in home improvement will never out of trend. Second thing I love them is that they will always think ahead of the common problems and different solutions will be given. Third is of course in relation to their price. Not many of their stuff selling expensive if you compare most of the sofas with the furniture shops. Since the new catalogue reached our place days ago, I’m always excited to check what’s new inside and surprisingly to know the prices for some hot stuffs have gone down (although not much).

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eat Healthy And Win Prizes

That's quite relax when I'm hanging out with someone who is easy-going type of person just like my former colleague. Everyone of us at the operation department in the former company named her "Soccer Mom" simply because she is seriously crazy for the games. This energetic 40 something women is never exhausted to accompany her two young boys watching live soccer matches, sending them to soccer practice and watch them playing, wearing the jersey for the team they support and collecting a lot of their favourite soccer players' posters. So when I'm watching this very funny videoclip of The Sproutwells, it brings me back the memory to think of her.

Can you see Ruby is wearing a cute pink soccer uniform? She got it from freshfunds. Is that new to you? Alright, you can basically earn points when buying the healthy snacks like chiquita fruit and veggie bites, fresh express gourmet cafe salad and fresh express packaged salad. You can either use those accumulated points for winning various prizes, make charitable donations or bid on some cool stuff like Nintendo Wii Fit® & Fun Prize Pack. This is one of the most healthy way to win fabulous prizes!


My Niece Is A Big Girl

Oh my niece is really big and heavy girl by now. When she plays with me, she has forgotten that she is grown up. She doesn't know that when she hit me, she can really make me painful. And when her whole body leaning on me, I can feel that she is having about half of my weight although she's only 5year-old. Anyway, she isn't a fatty girl but strong and tall compare to the kids at her age. She's so cute that she loves to kiss her baby brother when her baby brother staring at her. I'm wondering will she be a good friend with me when she really grown up later?...


Friday, September 12, 2008

We Should Have Some Medical Knowledge

A comprehensive medical webpage is very important and convenience for the public search. Don't you agree with me? We do need a reliable medical consultation online in alerting ourselves on health care. Some people thought that only those medical personnel like doctors and pharmacists need to know the in depth of any particular disease or drug information but in my opinion, it's better if we have knowledge at hand so that we'll be cautious against consumption of certain drugs for instance. So, if you're looking for one medical webpage for above reason (or others), please check out as the issues/topics of discussions are wide including:
- New disease database on condition overview and risk actors, treatment approach, etc.
- Integrated drug reference guide on critical prescribing information on drugs, interaction, dosing, etc.

Therefore, when a friend asking me about Crohn Disease, I refer her to Epocrates Online without any hesitation.

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”


Which Mooncake You like?

Mooncake festival is getting near, it falls on this Sunday. I still haven't buy any mooncakes so far. Yeah talking about mooncakes, which one you like to eat? and which one you don't like?... Last time I don't eat snow skin type but after I tried it few times, I think I love that very much. Although there are many different taste to choose at the market now, I still prefer the traditional one like pure lotus & nuts. Having that with a cup of hot chinese tea or green tea is perfect! My 3rd bro & family will be back from Penang for this festival. Yeah, I can play with my Kar Men (my niece) and newborn nephew. Can't wait to see them now!


Your Opinion?...

I'm sure you have good friends right?... If yes, sure you have encountered the situation where your friend need a very sincere opinion from you regarding some quite personal issue, have you? Actually I dislike throw my personal opinion in a very strict manner most of the time no matter dealing with what kind of issues. Why?... Because to be honest here, not many friends can take it especially when you tell him/her something which is going against his/her original planning or thought in mind. I always remind myself about this but I don't know why I was so careless that I mumbling all that I think straight from my head to a female friend recently (I don't want to list down here the details) so end up she is kind of unhappy with me. Although she didn't say that, I can feel it very much as a friend eventhough we are not very close friends. My feeling now is a mixure of disappointed & regretful...


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Online Medical Supplies

Unlike most of my female colleagues who love shopping for shoes, handbags, skirts etc. I'm rather strange in the sense that I love spending more time to shop at pharmacy to buy health care products and some basic medicines in case we need that at home. Talking about medical supplies, we can shop it online through which is one of the largest online medical equipment and home health care supplies in the United States. It offers 55,000 products whereby the popular categories, among others, are Children/Pediatric, Daily Living Aids, Diabetic Supplies and Exercise/Fitness. You may visit their homepage and sign up now to get some special discounts via the free Allegro eCatalog.


Rafa vs. Mardy Fish

Oh Rafa will play with the up and running American Mardy Fish who has beaten his fellow countryman James Blake. If Rafa wins, he'll go into Semi-final. I can't catch the live match as they'll play later. What I can do is to check it through from time to time. By the way, the William sisters are playing each other again in their Quarter-final match. Sure it's exciting esp to the American audience and those who admire William sisters. I guess Serena will have a better chance playing on the hard court but again it's difficult to I'll check their result perhaps 2 hours later.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Annoying Phone Calls

After a string of hectic working days in the office, I was looking forward for a total relax stay at home weekend last week. I had turned off a date with my female friends and I pull away the house chores too. After a short shopping with hubby, we back home to watch a DVD. That was actually a jolly mood with a lot of snacks in front of us but blame the telesales person who called in right at the time the movie is started. That was not the first time as I have received such calls from some annoying telemarketers in a couple of weeks consecutively. One of them is from a local bank asking me to apply for their newly launched credit card while the other are from different direct sales companies. If anyone of you encounter this kind of trouble which I believe you do, you can check the numbers at to find out who is that person who keeps calling you. I personally think this is a very useful website.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Snack Corner

During the weekend, both hubby and I did thorough cleaning and tidying for the entire house. I love my house to be spacious so that I like to just throw away those stuffs which I think it's unnecessary for us. I'm glad that hubby is like me, I mean he too doesn't like to keep load of stuffs forever in the house. So whenever I ask him to join me cleaning up our house for a more spacious and comfortable home, he is excited and very willing to lend his helping hands.

Although it was quite tiring, we were happy to see the result after the cleaning. It's was a bit surprising too because there were a few big packs of rubbish. What I mean is that it doesn't seem like we have many rubbish when look at our house as we always maintain it to be "rubbish free". I guess it's better to clean up earlier as I don't want to wait until Chinese New Year, there'll be many stuffs need to be sorted out during that time. Shopping for CNY already takes my time! After a tiring work out in cleaning, we had something to stuff ourselves for the break time. You see, I normally prepare some healthy snacks (except coffee but take one-two a day still consider healthy, hehehe...) in the kitchen. And hubby is like a "rat", he likes to search for snacks in the midnight! So lets see part of my snack corner.
I'm always the big fan of High5 bread! Tuna, Banana roll cake, Blueberry...
It's a must of Nescafe everyday for me...and Qiucker Oat drink is yummy. Hubby likes rice cracker while I love muesli & oat biscuits.