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Monday, March 31, 2008

You Cannot Follow One Ah...

She is my youngest niece, Qian. She always steal the limelight because of her playful, witty and outgoing personality. She is never patience on doing homework and reading. My 2nd sis in-law is worry about her girl in catching-up from day one she started in the kindy. But this little girl is progressing well and now she is more willing to spend time on books and doing homework. She told me that she will go for an outing organised by the kindy this week. She was so excited about it. My big boy hubby "kacau" her saying that he'll join her for the outing. Then she shouted " You cannot follow one ah, you know?...Teacher said only ONE person can go with the big big bus!"

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

HDPE Recycling

The slogan like "Go Green In Protest Of Global Warming" can easily be seen in the newspaper but I find the people in my country are still sort of lacking of the knowledge as to its importance. Although there are those huge recycle bins provided in certain strategic places, people are not properly utilizing it by throwing all type of rubbish without separating the material accordingly. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) should be categorized as "plastic" if you place it into the recycle bin.HDPE is normally used in beverages and household packaging like non-carbonated bottles and detergents. Do you aware that HDPE Regrind is vital for the manufacturers in terms of cost saving? So we can do our part whereby to pack all those bottles nicely and give it to the HDPE scrap collector. I'm sure we will be given a few bucks in return. Remember by doing this, we are actually saving our planet too!


Light & Easy...

This photo taken in the leisure area at my big bro's condo. My nephew only allowed my hubby to sit on this bench but not anyone because my hubby is the best pal of him apart from his parents. You see him, he is such naughty yet a cute little boy! He was so happy yesterday to welcome us to his house and he grabbed his daddy's handphone to talk to my hubby! He said " Gu Jiong, you come to my house later ok?..." Although we see each other almost every weekend at my parents' place but we still love to visit each other. My mum brought his favourite Vitagen and he wanted to drink it immediately!

And do you know what is opposite of the bench (as in the pix)? Find it here. Cheers...

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do You Love T-shirts?

If you ask me what you I love to wear at home, I'll tell you that I'm only comfortable with t-shirts and short pants especially during the very HOT days lately. There's this Tshirt Printing services online so that I can design my own t-shirts with my creativity conveniently. You may also check out this Tshirt Printing if you want to make yourself a customized t-shirt. For your information, they do not charge any fees for the screen or film they may use in processing the printing.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

I Want Shower

Hubby bought a new water heather last week and to replace the old one. The water flow from the old one is really weak so to change it is a must indeed. My handyman spent some time to install this, that and of course to ensure the ELCB is working well for safety. Me, on the other hand standing beside him, nodding whenever he asked me is that alright....With the hot weather these days, I need a strong water flow and this one with the built-in pump is fantastic. Water splash from head to toe is so enjoyable! Yeah!!!

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Donation, anyone?

This is really an eye opener for me to read about the news on boat donations. All that I know for donations most often than not are in some form of cash, clothes, books and food. But yes, that's true and there are the rich who actively involved to donate boats solely on charities purpose. The proceeds of it will be channeled to funding those in need on different perspectives such as educations, medications, researches and the like. If I'm affordable, I may donate my boat to charity too because helping others in dire need is the happiest thing to do!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

My New Domain

Yeah, I got mine too! Finally a new blog with my own domain is ready. I don't have a grand house warming party nor did I have any door gifts to give-away like what Jo-N did as I must said that she is very generous!

I must take this opportunity to thank a few buddies for their kindness in guiding me or it won't be smooth sailing. Specially thanks to Cookingmomster, Uncle Sam and not forgetting Hazel too. It's very true that the saying goes : we can't spell success without "u"!

For all my dear buddies, I love the way you guys support me all these while. Please show me again your undivided love and support in my new domain too. Sincerely appreciate it! So here it is:-


Cooking Is An Art

Both my hubby and I enjoy trying different cuisines as we love eating very much. We appreciate others prepared nice food for us. Do you ever think that preparing food is similar to an artist in delivering a piece of art? A masterpiece comes from quality ingredients and inspiration so they are technically same. Having browsed through some of my friends' food blogs really motivates me to go for a culinary school to sharpen my poor skill in cooking and baking. Watching my favourite chef Jamie Oliver's shows on TV couldn't help much as he is too fast for me to catch up. How I wish he has a chef school here. But it sounds a bit too far-fetched because he is a celebrity chef so forget about it! For those who are interested to learn cooking, there's a string of culinary schools you may consider.

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Tagging Along Game

Wen passed to me this tag days ago, I supposed I've done something similar to this but I don't mind going for one more round.You will have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!) It’s real easy! Tag others and see your Technorati Authority increase exponentially! The benefits of Viral Linking:

*One of the fastest ways to see your technorati authority explode!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh, Big Foot!

It's been some time I didn't visit my uncle and family as we used to visit each other when we were small kids. That's not because they stay far from us but due to the family commitments. Therefore, it's quite hard to make everyone sit down together and chat. Nonetheless, we managed to visit them last Sunday on a family get-together affair. My uncle is a site supervisor so he wears safety toe boots on his daily routine. But you know the little boy (my nephew) was pointing at the boots and shouted "BIG FOOT"! That's so cute and hilarious. Then my brother explained to him that uncle needs to wear the boots for safety purpose just like Bob The Builder, uncle is not BIG FOOT. The day is filled with fun and laughter.

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My Buddy's House Warming Party

Oh that was fun visiting my buddy, Jo-N's new house warming party and congrats again! She has invited us earlier actually. The new house is actually referring to her new domain in case you think it's a real house that we live in! She's so kind in giving away her guests with party packs in form of awards. Here are what I have collected from her:-

My "Magical Golden Blogger" Award

1st Door Gift at dineandtravel

2nd Door Gift at childrenloveplay


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Sweet Escape

The best way to relax your body and soul is to go for a nice vacation besides a good sleep. Don't you agree with me? We often pack ourselves for short trip nearby like Port Dickson, Malacca and Penang whenever there's public holiday. But now I'm looking forward somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of city, I want a total relaxation! I guess Mexico Vacations meets my request. I would like to stay at El Dorado Seaside Suites and I'm very much fascinated by the white sand beach. While a touch of nature by scuba diving and the spa treatment after a tiring escape is what I always wanted. Hopefully I can make this vacation into reality for our 2nd anniversary celebration this year!


Chocolate, Love It...

Do you like to eat chocolate?...Well, I bet most of you will say yes but I'm pity for my hubby that he loves it too but he can't eat much because he'll encounter sore throat if he eats slightly more than one small square piece! It's true, no kidding. The milky, the strong cocoa, the texture and the nuts really drive me NUTS. But if you ask me which type I prefer, I'll definitely choose for the bitter sweet as the cocoa smell is much stronger and this one is healthier in the sense that the quantity of sugar is lesser. This Munz is Swiss Chocolate, my mum bought for me at KLIA free tax shop when she came back from the trip. She knows I love chocolate so she'll buy me one everytime she comes back from the tour abroad. Do you love chocolate too?...


Monday, March 24, 2008

5-In-1 Awards

Thank you very much to both Hazel and Lovely Mummy for giving me this 5-in-1 Awards! Although I have received some of it earlier, I don't mind receive again. hehehe... You know the feeling when someone giving you awards and wow...this is 5 in a string! Among these awards, I love the last one the most "Best Blog In The Digital World". So, this is the beauty of blogging whereby your buddies give you awards as a recognition when you are active in blogosphere!

I'm giving these awards to:-
Chin Nee, FL Sam & Bokjae.


Preparing A Friend's Wedding

Most of the Chinese believe that 2008 is a very good year. Therefore, some of my single girl friends are decided to tie the knot this year. One of my closest friends seeking my advice and help in preparing her wedding in this October as she knows me always wanted to be a party planner and she also trusted me that I can deliver something which pleases her. I'm grateful to be given such an important task. I started to work out my draft for the planning by searching the relevant information from a unique Wedding Website. I understand every woman wants to look pretty and everything must be perfect on this special day so I must handle this responsibility with extra care!


We Both Addicted To It

Sometimes we are too lazy to go out in the weekend especially when the weather is hot. We rather stay at our cosy chilled room, a sip of iced cappucino and to play the multiplayer online games. I was once never love to play it because I thought those were the kiddy games. But I was wrong as I tend to take the challenges in strategy war game nowadays whereas my hubby who loves race cars is more addicted to playing racing game undeniably.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Malaysian Grand Prix

Yes it's Ferrari won in the first place but I'm a bit upset because the trophy is not belongs to my favourite driver, Felipe Massa but his team mate, Kimi Raikkonen. My feeling is sort of disturbed! Read More...



Friday, March 21, 2008

The Real One And The Collectibles

We were shopping at MidValley last week but I can't recalled which day exactly. So lucky that we managed to see the real Ferrari F1 car on top floor. I supposed it's organised by Bridgestone Tires in conjunction of the 2nd stop of this Grand Prix in Malaysia this Sunday. Although Ferrari is my favourite team and my favourite driver also a Ferrari driver, Felipe Massa, I'm afraid they may face a slide down as both the VIPs have left the team. (I may discuss this more in my sports blog later) Meanwhile, my big kid has collected some of these scarlet red cars in Shell's promotion. (He only chose those he loves) Have you collected it too?...


Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Want To Try This One

Today is public holiday and we have planned for an outing initially. But I was left alone at home because my hubby got a call this morning and he had to attend a customer urgently. Therefore, the best option to kill time at home is to surf internet. I never won anything in any online contests before because I'm not a lucky person. But the one in seems rather interesting. One will be given clues for the question. In other words, ones is tested on his or her general knowledge. I love this game! If you are the one who likes challenge like me, this must be the right place because the value of the prizes and amount of cash pay out depending on the difficulty of each game. There's already a winner who brings back $200. I quickly register myself now as I want to participate in the on-going contest "Who Am I". This gonna be fun!


Dental Care

My dad has visited the dental yesterday after being nagged by my mum numerously. My dad was giving all sort of excuses before this like "...I didn't feel pain but just a little bit of uncomfortable so it shouldn't be serious..." However, he couldn't escape but solved the tooth problem at a nearby dental clinic finally as he thought that it ought to get it done sooner or later then better do it now before the condition getting worse. I guess he must be feeling very uneasy when eating or else he wouldn't go there automatically as dad and I were two stubborn in the family, we don't like visiting dentist!

From the first step in usually one'll be greeted by a cool-looking nurse, some strong and weird smell. I don't think it's medicine but I just hate it!
How I wish there's Coddington Dental in our area but no, Dr. Alderman is serving as Lincoln Dentist and Nebraska Dentist. Look at the reception, it doesn't seem like you are in a clinic right? Reading some background history about Dr. Alderman, I believe he is a gentle and down to earth dentist as he knows how to handle a patient who fears of painful and he treats every patient likes his family. Since he coached wrestling for the kids, a person who is patience and mixed around well with the kids should be gentle and loving.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Forever Friends Award

Oh I received this Forever Friends Award again but this time this is given by Pei Mun, thanks buddy. I'm a bit of worry when seeing her little girl is sensitive to the anti-biotic. Hope little Kendra will get well soon!

~~Begin Copy~~

This is the easy way and the fastest way to :

1. Make your Authority Technorati explode.
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4. Makes more new friends.

Rules :

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3. Tag your friends as much as you can.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Warm Saturday & Sunday

Last week was running slow indeed as I was waiting my parents came back from their vacation trip. Hubby and I eating outside food every night but luckily we found a restaurant near our place which serves good food with reasonable price. Nevertheless, my mum made dishes are the best for sure undoubtedly. They came back home on Friday early morning around 1.00am so I didn't wait for them at parents' place. Mum gave me a call when they reached home. Oh yeah this time they went to Jiangxi, a relatively small province after visiting most of the major cities in China. Don't think the old folks just love China like many other elderly, they love to go Western countries as well. They love Australia very much for the carefree lifestyle and cleanliness. So we chatted for hours on Saturday basically mum told me the whole itinerary.(as what she did every time they came back from tour) I told her no need to buy me things but she bought a set of lovely tea cup at the Jing De Zhen which is a town very famous for manufacturing porcelain. I love the one with dragon so I chose that one while hubby chose the other one with many ancient chinese characters. This is a lovely souvenir and we can pour chinese tea in this tea cup! And probably we may going for Korea tour with parents next year if everything goes well and accordingly.Meanwhile, the F1 FEVER is bugging hubby and I as it started last Sunday at the first stop in Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia. So we didn't go out anywhere but watched the race in the afternoon. We enjoyed the entire race so much where there were many unexpected moments just kept us excited. Stayed at home since it was a hot sunny Sunday. Where is a better place if not staying inside an air-con room and drinking a chilled Lipton lemon green tea, right?!

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Tag: What's In Your Shuffled Music List

I got this tag from Constance and sorry for doing it late 'coz I really need to think which song is suitable for which category!

So how does it work? just follow the rules below:

1. Open your music library (iTunes, Media Player, iPod, Winamp, ZVM, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question/subject, type the song that’s playing.
5. When you go to the next question, press the next button.
6. Don’t lie and pretend you’re cool.
[you may add your reaction, too, if you like.]

1. Opening credits:
> My Cheri Amor (Scarlet Rose)

2. Waking up:
> New Year's Day (U2)

3. First Day of School:
> Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (U2)

4. Falling in love:
> You & Me (Cranberries)

5. First song:
> Miracle Drug (U2)

6. Breaking up:
> With Or Without You (U2)

7. Prom:
> Fantasy (Vanessa Mae)

8. Life:
> Message In A Bottle (Sting)

9. Mental breakdown:
> I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2)

10. Driving:
> Clumsy (Fergie)

11. Flashback:
> Time To Say Goodbye (Katherine Jenkins)

12. Getting back together:
> Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Sting)

13. Wedding:
> Loving You (Scarlet Rose)

14. Birth of a child:
> Pride (In The Name of Love)-U2

15. Final battle:
> Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)

16. Death scene:
> Walk On (U2)

17. Funeral song:

18. End credits:
> English Man In New York (Sting)

I completed it finally...and most of the above songs are my favourite songs too! Buddies, would you like to do this music tag too?...
> TakFeng & LiLi , Hazel and Suh Ching.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Tag: 6 Quirky Things About Me

Sorry Sweetiepie as I almost forgot about doing this tag.

The rules : Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six un-important things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.Six Unimportant things/habits/quirks about myself:-

1- There's no tear down from me when I cut onion.
2- I can't stand the sound when you scratch the fork at the stainless steel plate.Yuck!
3- Don't ask me to eat sushi, I'll vomit. Yuckie yuckie!!!
4- I'll run up & down the hill slope near my house if I'm in cloud 9 or I'm terribly upset!
5- Don't show me a pix of reptile esp. that ugly s_ake. I'll jump up 'coz it's scary!
6- I can sneeze for days once I get near to dust. Haaa....chewwww......!

Please tell us how quirky are you?
> Rose , Lena & Kikey.


Wedding Flowers

Looking back to my wedding day previously, I was the one who prepared all the necessary and get in touch with the contacts for restaurant booking, photo shooting and invitation cards among others with a little help of my hubby of course. We purposely didn't hire a wedding planner for that because of the high costs charged as the main reason besides that I thought by doing it all ourselves would be more meaningful as we knew exactly what we wanted. And I spent quite some time on flower arrangement too. I didn't manage to find a wholesale calla lilies that would be what I love for the freshness and cheaper price because it's delivered directly from the flower farm. Calla lilies are the beautiful flowers for wedding but mine were roses instead.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Love To Spend

Don't tell me you don't like to spend money! Well, maybe you don't for whatever reasons. Frankly speaking, I did spend quite an amount on the stuffs that I love in every end of the month after Pay Day. There's just a lot of things I want in my mind like Fujitsu Lifebook, Tommy Girl perfume, Burberry's handbag and many more. I need to control myself on spending but this is somehow irresistible when the "urge" is driving me crazy! I'm not alone most probably as I saw some women bought dresses at MNG boutique more vigorous than me especially during sales carnival.Sometimes when I check back all those bills for the month, I was indeed in a great shock too as for the amount I have spent. I won't stop buying things but I'll go for this credit card care service to look for a card which is most suitable according to my needs, spending and most importantly, my affordability of course. This could be better in managing my expenses in a more organized fashion. I trully understand why many girls always dreaming that " why I'm not Paris Hilton?..." I know the answer exactly!!!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Start To Work Out

Having read a news last week on a favourite Hollywood actor of mine, Patrick Swayze has diagnosed with pancreatic cancer & the reports claiming that he just has weeks to live, it's a real shocking news to me and hubby! You know him right? The macho actor starring in Dirty Dancing and Ghost...And I love his role in Roadhouse too as a bouncer. It's such unlucky him with this deadly disease but after a further read on this disease since I don't know what is that and curious as for its cause. I learnt that both obesity and smoking are two main contributors to this disease. So, I guess people you must not disagree that most of the diseases are duly caused by human themselves?!

I bet many of you, especially the mummies here would answer me a big "No" to my following question:-
Do You Exercise? Well, I think you suppose to start to get your body a work out to maintain a healthy life. If you're not sure what to start-off, you may refer to the pic chart below:-As for myself, I used to do a lot of outdoor activities like swimming and jogging but my hubby, the lazy bum is too lazy to accompany me. ( for security reason) Now I'm more to the "moderate" type-> gym and floor exercising at home. Mind you women, taking care of kids and shopping do not count ok?...


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Angry Over This, This And This...

Oh...this is not the tag on what do you hate about your hubby but I'm just mumbling here to release my feeling, there's nothing serious. My parents went on vacation overseas therefore hubby and I will look for outside food for dinner. There's no choice since I don't cook, err... rather I can't cook well so I choose not to do it. I can do other things very fast but not for eating food, tell you I can spend an hour to finish a bowl of noodle especially when eating hot tom yam noodle, I'll bite my tongue if I eat it and swallow it fast. Eat slower can taste the food better. But my hubby is totally the opposite as he likes to finish his food fastest possible as he enjoys this way more. So he'll just sit there waiting for me. And he keeps looking at his watch as if telling me that he's in rush or I'm damn slow. I'm angry 'coz I gotta finish my food quickly without knowing the taste.At home, I'll do some routine as usual like surfing net, checking mails & MSN-ing with friends after taking bath. And of course to grab the opportunities available and faster complete the write up but you know my hubby who watches drama series sure will ask me this and that like "this guy is really cunning hor?..." " you think this girl sings better or the guy just now better?..." Oh come on, I need my brain to think what I'm gonna write! I'm angry as I find this is very disturbing!!!

And recently, I'm more angry when I see the colour-> grey. Don't get it?!...Never mind forget about it, $1K Tuesday is no hope for me but maybe you are luckier than me... Alright I'll join my hubby watching TV with a cuppa...


Monday, March 10, 2008

Tag: Link Around The World

My new foreign buddy, Lena tagged me this & I hope this can link around the friends worldwide. Thanks Lena!

1 - Momhood Moments 2 - Business Mars 3 - Pinay Mommy Online 4 - OnlineBiz and Resources 5 - A Simple life 6 - moms….. check nyo 7 - Mommy’s Little Corner 8- Princezz 9 - Princess 10 - Random Thoughts 11 - Paradigm 12 - See Me For What You Will 13 - Pamp's Blog Corner 14 - Pampered 15 - HappyHeart 16 - Qtcotzkie and Baby 17 - A Sorta Fairytale 18 -tragicseven 19 - Listen to the Beat! 20 Just Saying 21 Tipsy Tips 22 Different Angles 23 Delicious Corner 24 I Care 25 Blog Blag Blog 26 Daily List 27 Life's Journey 28- D' Cooking Mudra 29 Clark & Butchay's Blog 30 Manna from Heaven 31. And Life Goes On 32. Life Is Mysterious

Could you pass the tag forward, please?
> RatuSyura, bluedreamer, Jeslyn & FLSam


My New Collection

Sure you must have received many different kind of gifts on your wedding and I was not exceptional. Among the lovely presents which were mostly electronic gadgets that I got from my close friends, the one that I love or rather I appreciate the most is a set of gold coins. It's nicely put inside a classic wooden box. My "crush" upon it is not due to its price value as I really don't have any idea how much it's worth but rather its value for collection or remembrance purpose.

I do collect foreign notes and coins despite other collectibles. I have decided to make those rare coins add into my collection too. I may choose one set when the special day comes to mark our 2nd anniversary of wedding. Too bad, how come I never think of it last year or we can start collect it from the very beginning of our 1st anniversary!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Today Is Too (Two) Important Dayz...

The day has finally came, 08th March 2008: Election Day.This morning hubby and I had completed our task as a responsible citizen to our country after breakfast, we had voted for our favourite candidates respectively. I didn't tell hubby that who am I gonna vote for but only discuss about it when we came out from the election hall. It seems that we opted for different candidates but it doesn't matter as this is thoroughly a personal preference kind of thing as long as we didn't waste our very right to vote!

I nearly forget and luckily a new buddy, Madelaine passed me the tag and it reminds me. Thanks buddy! This date, 08th March 2008 is the International Women's Day recognised worldwide although it doesn't celebrate like Mother's Day or Father's Day because there are still many of us do not aware there's such a day in the first place! I would like to proclaim that I'm totally proud to be a woman myself and our contribution towards the country, career and family is invaluable. There won't be the existence of a genius born like Einstein, Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking if there's without a woman! I'm not Feminist but I'm more to the idea of Utilitarianism and Liberal. However, I respect the women for their charisma in striking their every right for the equal footing.

Here a tag from my new buddy above, please pass this on my buddies:-
AndrewJune, Sweetiepie, Trinity, Constance & Kikey. Thank you!


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Shopping On Black Friday

I don't know there's a day we called it Black Friday. This is actually a day before Thanksgiving day. That's the time when most people busy at preparing gifts, decorations and food fest all for the coming big day ie. the celebration of Christmas day. But you and me are aware that most often than not that the shopping complexes are packed and even when you want to pay, you must have patient enough to wait at the long queue at the cashier counter before you take turn. This one sounds familiar to you, right?

But I may share with you a piece of useful information here whereby you can look for what you wish for without encountering the above mentioned problems anymore now by visiting the cool site at As we shoppers are convenience in the sense that we can be alert for the new bfads coming up provided that we have given our e-mail address before hand. I personally found that shopping becomes much easier because the stuffs available there are sorted out nicely according to 'store' and 'category'. There are some good deals and coupons for most of the items too. I'm looking for some collectibles, therefore I search it in 'category', there I found the canvas art at Art Gazebo with 15% discount for the order made online with coupon. This is so great as I can save some expenses as well. I'm sure you may love to buy it here!

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Friday, March 7, 2008

They Look-alike, Isn't It?...

Alright, this is a photo taken at a very important moment on the Wedding Day, what we chinese call it as Tea Ceremony as a way to respect the elders. Here is my hubby serving tea to my big bro & big sis in-law while my aunt, 2nd sis in-law, my elder niece look on and my parents were at the back I'm wondering what were they doing at that time. But who's the lady I circled it in red? Don't you think she looks very familiar to you? Well, she is not a celebrity. She is one of my good friends since secondary school. Your guess may be wrong, hehehe...But if you look carefully, do you think she looks very similar to our dear buddy, SueSue of Cookingmomster? I was a bit shock by their similarity when I first saw SueSue at her blog quite some time ago, it's just that my friend, YF is slightly fresh & younger. But I don't mean that SueSue is old ok?! The other day SueSue and me had some casual chats thru MSN and I told her about this. I promised her that I'll upload the photo as a proof of what I said. For those who know SueSue, what do you think? You judge it and tell me are they look-alike?... Remember to click at the photo to see it clearer!

NOTE: Hey friend, hope you don't mind I put your "leng lui" photo here without your permision in advance...Yeah I know you are ok with it, gimme five!

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All Pet Owners, Attention Please!

A piece of lovely news received this morning and I want to share with all the pet owners, it's a contest time to your pets! Sure you love them as your precious baby as they too, know how to cheer you up when you are dull. You have snapped some photos when playing with them, right? Do send only one of it which you think it may stand a chance to win at Cutest Pet Contest by before 31st March 2008. If everyone agreed that yours is the cutest among others, your pet's photo will be indicated as the "featured winner". And don't forget to buy something nice to your pet in return ok because there's the cash money of $200 as a reward! I must ask my friend Uncle Bokjae to send a photo of his pet dog in case he isn't aware of this contest is running now.

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My Glossy

It's weekend already so I just want to check what glossy should I wear to make me look fresher & beautiful when hanging out with friends tomorrow. So, here is it as suggested:-

You Should Wear Mauve Lip Gloss

Smart, polished, and pretty.


Armand Rousso Stamp Collecting

Do you collect stamps as a hobby? Well, I do and I still keep this habit going as I love the stamps from other countries and I make friends too. By reading Armand Rousso Philately Article, there's really nothing compare to him. It's very well written whereby Armand Rousso has beautifully defined how philately is important for three main categories of age. For children, they may learn the historical events of a particular country despite training the brain in a way to sharpen their concentration. As we adults, philately could be a form of relaxation. I trully agreed as to this extent! And the elderly may take this opportunity to socialize with their friends while exchanging stamps they are interested. If you are a stamp collector too, I'm sure you may appreciate the benefit along with it. And for Armand Rousso's article, I'll undoubted rate it 10/10 for the excellent write up.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dora The Explorer

I'm sure everyone or rather most of the mummies here are familiar with this little girl who always carrying with her backpack. Yes, she is Dora The Explorer! Still remember that the very first time I "knew" her was back to quite some years ago. Oh yes..., that was Father's Day. We had small party held at my parents' house. Apparently me & hubby were not married yet during that time but he was always "the clown" who makes the kids happy! (that's why all my nieces & nephew love being with him). Hubby asked me to write a kiddie invitation card to the kids for the party. So I bought a pack of those cards featuring Dora & Boots because I saw it was quite lovely and cute. To my surprised, my eldest niece told me that wow...GuGu (GuGu means Aunt in case you wondering what am I writing), how come you know I love Dora one? I watch this cartoon everyday...Since then I realized that it's a popular cartoon series on Astro. (The local paid TV)

I've watched a few times with my nieces and I found it's a good programme for small kids because Dora tends to solve problems whenever she encounters trouble which is challenging her.This is awesome in the sense that it's instilling the value of independent to the kids, I supposed. She also teaches us some simple Spanish phrases. U know my niece will shout I did it or we did it (like what Dora said) when she done with the puzzle. She is funny! If I have a girl next time, sure I'm gonna buy a lot of Dora stuffs for her! For myself, she's an explorer...somewhat like me, hehe...that's why I named myself Dora in blogsphere!

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