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Monday, June 28, 2010

Stressful Buying Gifts...

The good thing when those kids' birthdate are very close is that I'll search for their gifts in one shot. I have 5 nieces + nephews (soon to be 6 coz a new addition of nephew will join the list). Their birthday are all fall in the month of July & August including my little monster & the my newest soon to be born nephew! So do you know it's actually stressful to choose and buy gifts to the little friends here? It's not as easy as you think or you think any toys will satisfy them? Surely not! You have to know what cartoon characters they like that is the basic hint and think of the necessary items according to their ages is another important aspect. Well I almost get the mission done pretty late this time because I hardly have time to shop relaxingly with the hyper-active baby who always climbing out of the stroller!

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Enjoy During Sales

Ok still relate to the earlier topic, I never feel interested or excited when I see people queued at the marked down items (just anything from apparels, books, household items to food!) LAST TIME but I do not hesitate to join the crowd now! I enjoy buying things during sales & the best part is when I knowing how much I've save compared to buying during off sales. Of course the more the happier!

To shop for groceries after work is what I usually do now coz it's almost impossible if the little monster is tagging around. After get it done@Jusco, MV last week (J CARD privilege sales) & wanted to get some buns too so I approached to Bread Talk. Tell you, I'll feel it's like the leftover last time but those feeling already gone in me! In fact, I was so excited when I looked at the little signboard at their entrance ~ Happy Hour ~ 4 for RM10 ( which means RM2.50 each) & you know most of the buns there are cost higher than that. So I picked 4 of which I used to eat included of 2 muffins. So I kept it in the fridge & reheat it in the microwave oven in the next morning + a cup of instant coffee as quick breakfast before I left for office.

P/S: If any Bread Talk people read this, as for hygiene aspect, I think it's better to cover all the buns on the rack or get it all packed 'coz there are always flies around.

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Biggest Change...

I guess the BIGGEST change in myself after married is that I tend to save from my monthly expenses. I mean I'll try to buy less for sure (but I do pamper myself too in some circumstances, hehehe...) And I'll opt for the cheaper but quality still ok brand for some household items. I think save a little here and there it means something at the end. I rather spend more on the little monster. You know all those stuffs like diapers, milk & vaccinations cost quite a BIG sum. Bringing up a kid is expensive nowadays...

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