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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What's This Card For?

Yes, I have sign-up at the site because I saw many bloggers placed a cute card at their blogs. So my curiosity drives me to check this out but after reading some info at their site, I still can't get the point except that I understand this is for increasing traffic as the main purpose. I supposed I saw a fellow blogger also questioning the same thing when I blog hopped yesterday night.

I know there can earn credits but really don't understand how does it work. Anyone of you who know better than me can please explain what's this card all about? Thank you very much! So you can see a cute little card at my sidebar, drop-in there if you like.

My Entrecard now featuring this


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

He Drinks Milk

Yeah, he drinks milk finally! Who drinks?...My big kid (hubby). I have been nagging him to drink something better in terms of nutrition rather than drinking those ready-made fruit juice at night. Because for me, those juice are high sugar and less in vitamin unless you DIY. He doesn't like yogurt drinks and milk. Oh yogurt drinks is so nice but I'm wondering why he said it tastes like medicine?! The silly guy always said that milk is for kids!!! I don't care, I bought a packet of Fernleave full cream milk and force him to drink and disallow any other sweet drinks. There he started to drink it for two nights and guess what he said? "Oh it tastes creamy & very good!" So you'll never know if you don't give it a try right?...

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Monday, April 28, 2008

She Said I'm Old!

I played with my youngest niece when I went back to my parents place to have dinner last Friday. Before dinner started, I would play and chat with her. Usually she'll tell me what she has learned in the the kindy and sometimes she'll tell me what happened at her house too! So there goes her story her papa brought her to the nearby park to play at night. By the time I asked her can I join her to play at the park. She replied " You are married so you're old, you cannot join us kids to go to the park..." I laughed and she didn't allow me to laugh at her! Oh this little girl thinks that a married woman (or man, because she said the same to my hubby) means old folk!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gold Coins As Gift

Do you scratch your head in thinking what to buy for your family members on those special days? I'm not smart in picking gifts but I supposed there must be something precious and meaningful when I get something to my all-time respectable parents. When I was a small girl, I made cards and painted some drawings for them on their birthday. My mum still keep those presents nicely in her wardrobe.It's true that a present for your parents not necessarily an expensive one, a little card is enough to make them a big wide smile. But I have grown up now and I'm earning money so I want to buy gold coins for them as a small gesture of appreciation from their forever little girl at heart! I think the set of American buffalo is perfect for them because we Chinese loves "Golden Ox" which symbolizes wealthy. Bear in mind, one must look for a trustworthy dealer in buying such precious coins. You can go for Monex as it is America's premier coin dealer.

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Movie on Saturday

We watched Die Hard 4.0 at home yesterday. I love action movie very much. But for this one the story line is perhaps too much, I mean the hackers can really do that much until control the whole States?...I don't know much about the capability of a hacker but I believe they can make some handsome money in their own way undoubtedly! Ok forget about it.

The sound effect is thumbs up especially the scene in tunnel there, remember? I don't like when MaggieQ fights with Bruce Willis, that's too fake as she is a terminator. She's a human and a big guy like Bruce can't fight with a petite woman? But Maggie can act in this movie. When the jet chasing the truck driven by Bruce is another silly one like in Power Rangers! What I enjoyed the most is the special effect. It's damn real man!

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Tag: Time Capsule

I got this special tag from Juliana quite some time ago but sorry for doing it late. This is a meaning one so I love to do this.

~Start Copy ~

According to Free dictionary :
* The Time Capsule is a container for preserving historical records to be discovered at some future time.
* A Time Capsule is a historic cache of goods and/or information, usually intended as a method of communication with people in the future.

How to play "Time Capsule" :
1. Copy from "~Start Copy~" until "~End Copy~".
2. Post at your site(s) about "What you would like to put in your Time Capsule & Why" --> something that has a special value in your life or something that will remember you as a person.
3. Feel free to help me spread this Time Capsule by putting the "Time Capsule badge" at your sidebar blog and please tag as many friends as you can. You can get the code in here
4. When you are finished posting, you can leave your url post & your blog name at with the subject "Time Capsule". And I will post your url on Master List.

~ End Copy ~
Surely look at it you'll know that's a girl room right?...Yes, you're absolutely right! This is my elder niece's bedroom. I still remembered by the time she was born, she was a chubby little cute baby. She seldom cried for anything except for milk and more milk! Those was the baby days...She is now a tall and sweet girl, a primary 2 student. She loves to read a lot. Tell you, she is a great enthusiast of National Geographic. I'll ask her the name of some rare animals if I don't know and not surprisingly she'll tell me that. She is one of my great buddies!

> Please share with us your time capsule, Lena, Jo-N & Texas Sweetie.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Doctors On The Run

It cannot be denied that the world is evolving into a high technology era. Well, I respect very much to the guys like Bill Gates and Steve Job among others who bring us many new and trendy gadgets for the ease of life in both career and lifestyle. Hopefully people will appreciate it and fully materialized it in the most positive way otherwise it's not too much to say that those wonderful pieces of creation have been ruined.

Here comes this great gadget of drug guide for iphone especially for the use of doctors and other medical practitioners. One can access more than 3300 brand names with regards to the drug references on dosing, interactions, retail pricing, monitoring and adverse reactions. Our local medical practice is tend to be criticized for leaving far behind and I'm wondering they have approached to this Epocrates medical reference software. They should invest into it and it may help those patients in need. If you are interested in this software, please equip yourself with further information at

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

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It's A Rainy Morning

My room was so cold in the morning and I slept well the whole night until I felt like don't want to get up from the bed. I thought it was still early in the morning because it looks dark in my room but the clock was telling me the exact time was actually 7:30am. I quickly got up and I look out from the window, it was showering outside. No wonder it was chilling and no sunny brighten up my room. My hubby was still covered himself in the blanket. Never mind, he was not in hurry. I didn't exercise today as what I do every morning, I just poured a mug of hot cereal into my mouth and got out from the house or I'll be late.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lets Go For Beauty Contest

I can see there are many young and beautiful persons on the run whenever on the way going to work. I always tell my hubby that if I have the look of a model and with the desirable height of 5'8", I'll just quit my present job and participate the beauty contest to hope for some bright future in modeling thereafter. My age is catching up but you may try it at where the winner will get as much as USD10,000. Moreover, you may be spotted by the model agencies and start your modeling career. Mind you, many top models in the world are started off with the very opportunity in taking part the contest just like this one!


Blogging Style

Do you every think of what's your blogging style or rather what's the core content of your blog? Oh, mine is the one reflecting most of my personal feeling towards the issues I know or the happening news around me despite writing some pp. I blog when I'm free and when the urge strikes me! But I guess it'll be difficult for me not to blog or at least blog hopping since I'm too addicted to it recently! How about you guys?...

Your Blogging Type Is Thoughtful and Considerate

You're a well liked, though underrated, blogger.

You have a heart of gold, and are likely to blog for a cause.

You're a peaceful blogger - no drama for you!

A good listener and friend, you tend to leave thoughtful comments for others.


Accomodation In Riga

First and foremost, do you know where is Riga? I'm not sure where is Riga located exactly but I supposed I heard of it through one of the travel shows in pay tv, it's either Ian Wright Globe Trekker or Looney Planet. So, I search for more informations on Riga and I found out that it's actually the capital of Latvia. It's the largest city in Baltic states. The major language in use of course is Latvian but the people there speak Russian too. But don't worry, English and German are widely use in most of the tourist spots. Tourism is one of the most important industries in generating foreign currencies. It can be seen that the tourism in Riga is growing whereby the apartments for rent in Riga are ranged in reasonable prices.

Despite those well known countries which attracting many foreigners annually, I'll prefer visiting some quiet one and it must be rich in their colourful cultures and architecture. I guess Riga can be categorized as one of it. I love to go for sightseeing tour on the historical old buildings. For those going there for short business or stop-by trip, you may look for those Riga apartments for rent as the costs are worth it in considering the cosy environment and services provided. Remember, the rates offering are based on "per apartment" instead of "per person". If you wish not to stay in any apartment in Riga, you cab book a hotel through to get a 10% to 15% discount.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Olympic Torch Relay

21.04.2008 is a very special day in Malaysia because the Olympics Torch Relay has reached here. Not everyone can participated but for only those who have been selected. I don't know how people look at this biggest sports event ie Olympic Games. For me, one must not put together with other unnecessary issues especially Political into it. Olympic is a venue where all the relevant sportpersons from different countries get together and to compete in the the specific games regardless of race, religious and nationality. I hope the coming Olympic Games on 08.08.2008 in Beijing, China will be a successful one!

The relay started off by Olympic Council of Malaysia president Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja'afar receiving the Olympic torch from the vice president of the Olympics organising committee Jiang Jiaoyou in Kuala Lumpur.

You can see the security is extra tight!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hey, Check Out Danity Kane!

Music plays an important Role in my routine. The beautiful rhythms may relax my mind and soul especially when I need some sort of inspiration and motivation. Therefore, I never go against the idea of " No Music No Life". Most of the time I'll stick to my favourite alternative and slow rock but adding R&B and hip hop into my variety is not bad entirely. I'm following some hits from this all girls group, Danity Kane recently.
These sexy girls and model-lookalike are Dawn, Aubrey, D.Woods, Shannon and Aundrea. They are actually the five winners from "Making The Band 3", a MTV's smash reality series. This group with their latest debut album "Welcome To The Dollhouse" is released under P. Diddy's label, Bad Boy Records. Do you know how great is this album? It reaches No. 1 at Billboard 200 album chart! The girls are all talented and they are fairly remarkable in the singing background respectively. Personally, I'm more impressed by Aundrea. She was active in singing at the young age of 8 years old in church's choir and she also did some recording in the studio. I think most probably this may not be enough to serve your curiosity. Do check it out for more at Soundcheck to get yourselves up close and personal with the sensational Danity Kane.


No Coffee For Two Days

Finally, I can get myself relax with the "non-existence" of caffeine for TWO DAYS! This is a big deal to me, alright?... At first, It seems a bit difficult in the sense that it's hard to stand with the evil in my mind who is asking me to "go ahead, go ahead..." while the angel on the other hand scolding me " you can't have it, you have promised yourself aren't you?..." Wow, I'm happy that the Angel is prevail this time! Yeah, feeling great...feel healthy!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alien?...Get Out of My Way...

There's a 20% Chance You've Been Abducted By Aliens

There's virtually no chance you've been abducted by aliens.

But there's always hope for the future!

But I'm curious as to UFO or some other aliens out of this world! If I have the opportunity, I'll like to see and stay with them for a short period of time. But I gotta make sure they won't operate on my body for research & development and must send me back to the earth! Do you fear of alien?

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About Writing

My love for writing has started tremendously after some of my write up has been published at the student essays column in the newspaper during my school days. Some people will just jump up if you ask them to write or read a few hundred words. For me, I'm very comfortable even with few thousands words in any dissertation topic. But never challenge me with figures, I'll cry out loud! I never keen on figures ok?! During the time in campus, I was never ever late in submitting my assignments and thesis. I'm wondering how's the doctoral dissertation look like. There must be a bulky one I guess. Bear in mind, you can seek for help if you think you need something done in a professional manner because there's dissertation online for your ease of reference.


Tag: The World Wide Link Love

So happy to have two new buddies, Petra and Wena to tag me this. I have done this one before but I don't mind to do it again because I was invited by not one but two of them!

~ start copying here ~

Join the Worldwide Link Love!
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Worldwide Link Love! Participants:

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10. Chubby (usa)
11. Petradear (usa)
12. Dora (Malaysia)

~end copy here ~

**I'm not tagging anyone for this time but who wants to play this tag, please feel free to go ahead!**


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This Kid Loves To Chat

"Ring, ring, ring...Hello!"This is what my eldest niece, Yuan loves to say to me. When she was around two years old, we used to play chatting on the kiddy handphone set. She was so happy to chat with everyone of us. This girl is always curious on every new thing. I remembered that she was sitting on the tricycle and staring at anyone who was talking on the phone. I think she must be feeling strange that how come we talk to the small gadget (phone) with buttons? When I was small, I have actually asked this to my mum. Yuan never asked anyone of us about this but she loves to imitate us!

Yuan is an active and talkative little girl. She is fast to learns many words and brave enough to simply press the numbers on the phone and started to talk. She is very clever, she would hang up the phone extremely fast whenever she knew we saw what she did. But luckily she never "succeed" to dial any international call or else my parents would be yelling at the unexpected total in the phone bill. Kids just love to follow what adults doing. So, you better keep your bad habit away from the eye sight of your kids.

Time flies and Yuan is a Standard Two student now. She knows how to call definitely and she even send SMSes to me. But the problem is that she'll make any phone calls whenever she feels like to do it. I supposed her daddy really needs to get an online phone cards as soon as possible. Her daddy is frequent go overseas on business trips and this daddy's girl will call him about 5 times a day. They can chat quite some time too on every call. Guess what? The phone bill of the month reaching a whopping RM1,800.00!

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My hubby is mad at this Mario games again! When I first saw this shorty moustache man who wears red and blue + a red cap with the big "M", I thought it's just a kid game. And I thought his character in the game is a policeman. But after so many many years 'til now, I was told that he is actually a plumber! He has a friend too, name Luigi! They are both Italian. My hubby loves this guy so much and I can see him (Mario) on his PC whenever he switches on because he put his pix as the wallpaper rather than my pix!

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Have You Done Your Pap Smear

The date is getting near and my feeling is usually sort of excited mixed with uncomfortable. The date is referring to the appointment to see doctor for the annual pap smear checking. It's not done by an ultrasound technician but all by doctor himself with the presence of a nurse. No matter how uncomfortable the feeling is, we must be grateful for the ultrasound tech because if there's any problem with regards to the cervix , it can be detected earlier. I'm not sure whether or not the obsterician/gynecologist has attended any ultrasound schools but they must have equipped themselves with this expertise for sure.

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My Favourite Sports Brand

Well, everyone has their favourite wear. For me, I love to put on sports wear most of the time when hang out with hubby, my family and friends at cafes. I love it because it's so comfortable and casual. And my all-time favourite is none other than Adidas. So what's your favourite brand?



What's so great about?...I managed to grab this opp for another time. I mean I have actually written the same thing two days ago and when it comes again I just don't let it go...That's not luck actually since I saw most of the bloggers also managed to grab this too. But something special is that I have twice the opps, it makes my day ok?! Yeah, yeah, yeah............I feel beautiful today!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jopals Online

When one is real addicted to blogging, this may become a routine for him or her to update any happening issues or at least blog hopping from one to another. Hey bloggers, am I right in saying this? For us who works are able to do so but must be a bit alert and smart of course or and I are pretty understand the consequences!

Being the smart one, I'll blog hop during the lunch hour because most of the so-called important persons are out. So I can do it freely at this time. Ok, I hopped into Jopals's blog. This "strict-looking guy" is from Davao City, Philippines. This is more of a personal journal. He loves movies. So are you going to watch "The Forbidden Kingdom" tomorrow? I found we both like movies based on martial arts too but I'm don't really appreciate Jet Li. Jopals is a IT graduate, no wonder there are quite a lot of posts touching this specific discipline. That's good for me too huh?! I can look for help if I encounter any problem in computing. Can I, Jopals? Hehehe...just joking. Anyway, nice to "meet" you!


These Articles Are Constructive

When I was schooling, I had the habit to collect the articles that I love and pasted it into my sketchbook neatly. During the spare time, I'll flip through the sketchbook and read. This is one of my hobbies. I found my general knowledge towards geography has been improved gradually. I started doing it for my interest on other fields like animals, sports and gardening. At one point, I did submit articles to the readers' columns and forums in newspapers. When I noticed my articles were published, I felt so rewarded! I supposed my deep interest in writing has begun thereafter.
Those sketchbooks are still kept nicely in my drawer though. But the "cut and paste" of articles from newspaper and magazines is no more as aggressive as before. It doesn't mean that I don't enjoy doing it but it's time consuming. Due to the advance of IT era, reading and collecting articles can be done anytime, anywhere and save cost too! Here is one very good web articles directory I'm bumping into currently. There are many articles with such high quality which worth a read. When I browse the category of "Computers and Technology", I was caught by this particular article where the author addressing the experience to learn from the errors in the job of back-up service and data recovery. On the hand, the one with a well discussed of elements and options under the category of "Internet and Online" reveals much of the use of web directory.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

I Have My City With My Name!

Yes, you got me right! I have my city now in this country-> Switzerland! You don't believe me?... see here! Ok ok, I found it rather interesting after reading my buddy, Trinity's post about this. In the middle of no where, I try to build my own city too. Oh I made it, I made it! I choose to build it in Switzerland because this is my dream country for its beautiful, developed yet peaceful environment.

Because I love you all, I name my city "Dora N Buddies". I invite all my buddies to visit my little house and to grow with more population! See you there at:

Thank you!

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They Make Big Business

You remember the movie "Herbie"? Yes, the cute colourful Walkswagon which goes racing with other sport cars. And the most interesting part took place at the car junk there whereby Herbie put so much of efforts to get its lady owner's attention. The car junk is where people place the used cars or any other car parts hoping some interested buyers to search for it with cheaper selling prices.

What I usually see when I pass-by the auto recycling are those badly-hit vehicles and a very dirty site with all sort of metals around but I never thought of it as a very potential business. The successful and many press releases of midwest auto recycling proves I'm wrong actually. They have very well connected partners worldwide and their customers are from around the world, literally speaking.



Do you love the smell of the flowers? Is there a particular flower you like?...No specific for me. There are many flowers that I like but I don't know their names! I always think of buying a nice vase from IKEA and put a few stalks of red or pink roses in my living hall. I imagine when I step-out from my bedroom, the first thing I'll see is the roses greeting me "Good Morning!"

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

How's Your Weekend Buddies?...

There's a heavy downpour outside & the weather is quite chilling. If during the past, I've already made myself a cup of coffee on the table while blogging but I didn't do it because I've set the rules that a cup of coffee a day. I took one in the morning so I can't take another cup now. Ok, I don't wanna think about it! Concentrate on others...

How's your weekend buddies?...I just watched "Cloverfield" just now. I thought it's interesting with exciting special effects but it's actually a pretty dull movie!!! You know Ultraman stories right? And do you still remember "Blair Witch Project"? This "Cloverfield" is the combination of these two. It's about the huge alien attacking the city and causing chaos here & there...and what we are watching is exactly what the guy is recording with his handycam from the start 'til the end! Boring!....


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Virtual Doctor

There are many situations when a person needs a piece of advice or a reliable opinion from the qualified medical practitioner but not face to face for personal reasons. That's true as we sometimes require simply some sort of confirmation on the intake of medicines, I see not worth to visit the hospital or clinic. Now, you can voice out your inquiries through a service called Ask A Doctor and it's online by all means!

For those who are curious as to the Valtrex prescription or further information is required on Valtrex medication to remedy the genital herpes and symptoms of herpes zoster, one has to be equipped with some important "must know" informations. At least one has to bear in mind that a pregnant and breastfeeding woman can't take any Valtrex medicine.


Pink Heart Tag

I got this tag from Hazel quite some time ago, I almost forgot sorry! And I found two more pretty mama ie. Trinity & Rose tagged me this also. I may as well do it one shot, ok right?

Cut and paste the following starting here.

I have randomly selected 5 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You will have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!)It’s real easy! Tag others and see your Technorati Authority increase exponentially! The benefits of Viral Linking:- One of the fastest ways to see your technorati authority explode!- Increase your Google PageRank fast- Attract large volume of new traffic to your site- Build your community- Make new friends!

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> I'm tagging AndrewJune , Shern's Mom & Bokjae .


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some Sports Update

Just a quick note that finally Massa (Ferrari) has got himself the very first 10 points at the 3rd stop in Bahrain last Sunday. I hope there are more 10 points to come for him. I believe he can do it better so long he can control his powerful red car and makes lesser careless mistakes along the race! But I'm sort of disappointed on the other hand as for tennis, the recent Sonny Ericsson's Open in Miami, I didn't expect Rafa will be beaten by Daveydenko and with straight sets too?! Rafa, u gotta bulk up or you may as well join FedEx to backpack! Hope to see you improve in the next tournament!


Job Of A Sonographer

A sonographer is also known as an ultrasonograher. I guess you have a better understanding of the job now, right? A sonography technician's responsibility is handling the equipment in using the sound wave to get the visual of the necessary part of body which needed medical attention. The most common practice of sonography tech I know is the one carry out on a pregnant woman in order to monitor the progress of the fetus in womb. The mushrooming of sonography schools is most probably due to the recent growing demand in this job.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Waterhorse

Anyone watched The Waterhorse: Legend of The Deep? The story is based in Scotland and I found the starting part is somehow similar to the drama series Surface. I think many of you have read this myth and myself read it in National Geographic. I believe its existence in the past as the one being spotted in Lochness Lake. Do you believe too?

This is a kid movie and nothing is so great about overall but the most impressive one is the baby Waterhorse, it looks so real. The skin, the movement, the expressions, almost everything very lively just like a real creature. But when it all grown up, I found it too obvious a product of the computer graphic. But I'm pity for the shot where the bulldog eaten by Waterhorse!

This is baby Crusoe, adorable?

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For me, nurse is a highly respectable profession and one has to be a responsible, fearless of blood and ready to sort out patients' hygienic kind of thing, among others. If you really confident that you are manage to handle the most basic tasks as mentioned above, the next step you may consider which cna schools you gonna register before go on cna training officially.


Tag: True Love

I got this true love tag from Nyumix . Thx girl!

Here are the rules:

*Copy the questions and answer them honestly.

1> What does true love mean to you?
- You care for the person's every nitty-gritty.

2> How do you know you're really in love?
- I think of him, care of him and always want to share things with him.

3> How many times in your life have you fallen in love?
- A few but only once in true love which is now!

4> Have you ever fallen out of true love because you were mad at the moment?
- I'm willing to control my emotion very well.

5> Do you feel love and physical attraction are the same thing?
- Nope. This is entirely different issues altogether.

6> If your true love became ill or disfigured would you continue to love them the same way?
- Yes, there'll never be distracted.

7> Should anyone else be able to tell you who to love or not love?
- Nope. I can judge that myself.

8> Do you believe people that ended up divorced were ever truly in love?
- Nope.

9> Would you give up something you want for someone you love?
- This is very subjective and can't tell just by this simple question.

10> If you truly love someone do you feel it should be unconditional?
- Yes, sure.

I'm tagging Siew Ting, Ratu Syura & LiLi.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

An Useful Web Articles Directory

Honestly, I'm still very much a newbie to this blogosphere and there are many things for me to learn from the peers. Sometimes, I feel that I'm not familiar with the web jargons which I came across from time to time. By the time I started my first blog months ago, I have gone through just too many obstacles and I don't have many blogger friends to turn up to. Still remembered that the PR (Page rank) issue was a real hot topic by then but I was wondering what is PR and why almost all of them think it's important? When I knew what PR is all about, I think there was already too late because my PR has been downgraded and there's never a move until now!

By searching for the Web services, I found that it's actually something we can do about to improve our web. Their services can promote our web or rather make it becomes more SEO friendly. I must emphasized that the latter is vital especially for those who are actively writing paid posts. So, what should we do then? It's pretty simple, one can submit the articles as much as possible under the relevant categories eg. health & fitness, business & finance and home & garden, among others. The best thing is that it doesn't cost you anything. But one is to be reminded to check the content of the articles with regards to the quality guidelines. I supposed I may start writing my favourite topic in health issues to share with others. Besides sharing the information, I do need to increase the web traffic and link popularity being the most important for me now!


Coffee Talk

Do you love coffee? I know some people can't take it as they'll going to have headache after drinking. Well, for me I love this caffeinated drinks as much as I love my hubby! Its smell so good, its aroma...!

I started to being addicted to this when I was still studying. You know during the campus life you just gotta rush assignments back to back. I need coffee to keep myself awake to finish the assignments in the midnight. Last time I used to drink 3 cups a day for the peak but for now I have reduced it to only 1 cup a day. (But in some exceptional cases I'll drink 2 cups and this is rare.) High level of caffeine is not good to our health, that's why I forced myself to reduce the intake but it's difficult for me from the beginning. Oh, it sounds like me trying to stop from the drugs right?...

When is my one cup of coffee to be served?...It's in every morning when I settling down everything in the office, I'll make a cup of Nescafe to kick-start my job of the day. If there's no coffee for me, my routine is just NOT right! In other occasion, I love to drink it when I'm reading books in the weekend. I found this is sort of enjoy...the best place I go for hang out for a cuppa will be either Dome or San Francisco's Cafe. I don't like Starbucks because all their beverages are too sweet. How about you, do you love coffee as I do and where do you usually hang out at?

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Hot Plates In Cold Night

There were raining heavily these days in the evening so the weather was quite chilly at night. My mum didn't cook on Saturday as planned earlier because by the time my parents came back from "Cheng Beng", it was quite late in the evening and she decided not to cook. So I suggested to have something different for dinner and steamboat straightaway comes to my mind .

As usual I exercised in the evening at about 6pm indoor since it was raining & thunderstorm outside. After shower, I read magazine for a while then we fetched parents and reached the restaurant in Taman Desa. The lady boss said that will be enough to order for the food of 3-person. Oh my, the four of us who considered as small/normal built always gives other a shock when comes to eat. We gotta ordered extra food for the quantity of 2 more persons! The lady boss said "you all must be very hungry!" Actually we were not in a "very hungry stage" but our appetite is always good, know like Tasmania in Looney Tunes?! hehehe...
I must say that the food is very delicious because all those meatballs & fishballs are self-made. Tell you, the chilli and fried onion (as shown in above pix) made it tastier! Honestly, it tastes much better than Johnny's Steamboat.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

A Sweet Treat & An Award

I'm so happy to receive these two in the same week. They are both given by my good buddies!

No. 1 : "This Blogger Is One Sweet Treat To Read" Award

Thanks Rose and glad to know it's a sweet treat for you to read my blog. In fact, reading your blog is rather a sweet treat to me especially the posts about the little corner of your thought and some being joke of the day too!

Most of your blogs are indeed sweet treat for me, but I can think of two of them at the moment:-
> Trinity , Wen and Jo-N.

No. 2: "A Perfect Blend of Friendship" Award

This is the 2nd time I got this award and of course I don't mind receiving more awards although it's the same, right?! Thanks for sharing this lovely award with me SweetJasmine, I treasure our friendship with the blend of trust, kindness, honest & caring!

I want to give this to: Nyumix , Rose and Agnes Chan.


Catch Up With Ben

Having contacted a few good colleagues from the former employer, we dined at a cafe and updated ourselves on job and current lifestyle. I congratulated Ben as he has promoted to become the IT Manager. To most of them, Ben is a serious IT guy but I find he is quite humorous if you get his point. Being a graduate from a well known technical school in the States and coupled with his experienced gained all these years is the yardstick for his promotion. So he'll be very busy and his coming project is to conduct an in-house IT training as part of the revamping of IT Department.


Hey, What's Your Problem?...

I had lunch with this new girl but my lunch time was rather a disastrous! That wasn't so serious but I would say it was an uncomfortable one. She is known to most of us as insensitive and not matured at her age or what we normally said "tengah-masak" or "sam pat". (what make you take her, my dear HR?...)

Back to the lunch. We had some casual chats for topics on job, friends and personal life. Actually I didn't like to eat with her alone but the situation forced us both together in a table. For starter, (not the lunch) but her topic touched on wages. My God, I can't believe my ears! She asked "how long you have been worked here and how much is your salary?" Of course for the salary part I didn't tell her the exact figure. I'm whispering "where got such people asking such questions..." The worse one came at the end. I never ever expect this, Gosh..... She mumbling to me "Don't know how's the guys look for their partners one, you (referring to me) are quite boyish can get married but me (referring to herself) is much feminine than you yet to have a boy friend..." I didn't know how to react, angry or funny...She is really sucks!

I told my other colleagues, they laughed 'til tears down and same goes to my hubby! I swear NO MORE LUNCH WITH THIS SUCKS!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tag: Happy Earth Day

I got this green tag from Rose who tries to promote the preservation for our environment.

Rule: What are the rules of this tag?Click, play, link the two websites to a post of yours and tag five other friends.

I'm tagging some of my buddies, see whether or not you are interested to pass on this green tag too?
> Agnes Hee, Agnes Chan & Suh Ching.


Regarding Pharmacy

If I want to make some purchases of those personal hygienic and healthcare products, I'll go to a pharmacy rather than supermarket. I'll have more confidence in buying those stuffs in pharmacy although those are actually the same products. There's another plus point whereby a pharmacist is always ready to assist especially for any medicine prescriptions but I'm wondering the existence of a pharmacy technician. I guess pharmacy tech is more likely to be needed in a hospital and healthcare centre. The job doesn't require one to be very high criteria but one should be systematic and neat in nature. The pharmacy technician salary is varied according to the seniority and shifts among others.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Headache

Wondering what happen to me, I'm now attacked by headache but not so serious. So I can't do my routine ie. hop over to most of your blogs, sorry for that. I gotta lay on the sofa doing nothing but sipping a cup of hot green tea. My hubby is my butler tonight, not too bad afterall huh?! Ok, ciao buddies for today!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Funny Friend, Trinity

If you know Trinity, you'll know she is a funny, easy-going and a creative mum of two boys. She promised us that there'll be a special post today (01.04.2008). Well, she surprised most of us with her today's post with the title "Last Goodbye". The crux of it was saying that she is quitting the blogosphere for a full time job. But I'm alert and I'm pretty sure that she's fooling in conjunction of the April Fool's Day. (as she has given the hint earlier what...) Yeah, yeah...I didn't fall to her trick!

On the other token, she has announced that I'm the 3rd place winner (I hope this is not a trick) for her "chup game" running in March. (and I guess it's still running) See below the HALL OF CHUP FAME, she has transformed all the winners and other participants into fishes and other sea creatures. It's so lovely!

*** Dora is no. 3*** yippee!

I was awarded for another Peace Award too, thanks again Trinity!


Medical Staff As A Career

Are you a fan of those medical drama series like ER,Chicago Hope and the more recent one, Grey's Autonomy? I love to watch the stories based on the hectic schedules of the doctors and nurses. In fact, we tend to ignore the efforts of some other medical staffs. There's actually an important role played by them too in hospitals and medical centres in determining the smooth process of each patient's case. One of them is the xray technician. I supposed the name itself tells you their job descriptions. If you like to handle some advanced equipments such as MRIs, CTs and enjoy working within the radiology room, you may think of become a xray technician. I know the pay is not bad ok?

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