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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Not Romantic

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Well, I'm not a kind of person who appreciate much of the literature or some classic verbs so I really couldn't tell you how effective are those Hollywood's most memorable lines such as "You had me at hello..." workable today. As for me, I love something practical and straight forward. I'll be enlighten in the most simply one like "You are my sunshine, sweetie". Yeah, I'm such an unromantic woman in the world! That's me but you may borrow some lines in this online game, Ultimate Flirting Championship and test it in real life. Find it interesting? Go grab the widget at Extreme Style by VO5 homepage and have fun with your friends. Who can impressed the judge the most will go for Victory Hair at the end. Who wanna play with me now?...

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They Fall

Waiting, waiting...the matches delayed because of rain. So I didn't watch the matches today since I don't know how long I gotta wait. So after dinner, checking some mails then watch movies with hubby. He bought quite a lot of DVDs last week. So we can watch it in the weekend. But just to recap the Wimbledon matches, some top players are ousted unexpectedly or rather too early for their exit. This is unusual! My great disappointment is the defeat of David Nalbandian in his first round match. His performance was quite weak this year. I was surprised to see Djokovic loss to Safin. Sharapova, James Blake and A-Rod join the list!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Your Career Path

Recalled those days when we were studying in secondary school (high school), we needed to choose for either go for science stream or arts stream. Most of us were facing the dilemma at that point. I was no exception too. It was such a worry to choose the wrong one and it may ruin the future in our career whereas the decision was on our own hands entirely! Information Technology (IT) was started to boom at that moment so many of my classmates opted for science stream without much consideration. I didn't join them because I was not keen on Additional Math, basically anything to do with the complicated figures and calculations.

If you're making your choice now please think carefully or there won't be a "u turn" after that. The only thing I was regretful for my choice made is that those holding the same degree honour but working in the IT field are enjoying a far more attractive pay than I am. Thus, earn yourself a Cisco certification would be the best ever investment to enhance your portfolio while stepping into your career. The network certification programs started from the Entry level, go on to Associate, Professional, Expert and Specialist. You and me know very well that there's a high demand of variety of certified IT personnels to fill in different positions for almost all the industries today. The certification coupled with necessary trainings and experiences will nonetheless bring you to a higher hierarchy in the career advancement. An important information to share with, a reliable survey conducted showing those with Cisco certification have the biggest impact on improving the current salaries. So, how you want to walk through the career path is now relied on yourself.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Hello Kitty Freebie

I didn't collect or play with most of the cutie toys when I was small girl. Not because my parents didn't buy for me but I didn't appreciate that and I prefer to play all those boy toys like control car, toy machine gun, He-Man Sword etc all belongs to my elder brothers. It was more enjoyable to play together with them rather then playing the girl toys alone!

~ Isn't it cute?~
Ooh...I feel I'm a little girl again!...

So, the feeling of wanting to collect the cute girl toys striking me lately when seeing my nieces playing many of them. Hubby was trying to get Master Mantis & Master Crane (Kung Fu Panda's characters) at McD 2 weeks ago but both were not released yet. He was given a very cute pink colour Hello Kitty Jewelry Box and of course he give it to me. Oh I love it! I put my hair clips and hair band in this lovely little box. I place it on my bed-side table.


Lets Rap It

During my time studying in secondary school, most of my classmates love listening to Rap songs. Those who can chant the hit Rap Lyrics most fluently are highly respected among us as the king of Rap. Myself do not know many of the popular Rappers even until now, I can only think of Puff Daddy and Vanilla Ice. I know I'm so isolated! Of course there are many new comers but they are strangers to me. I don't want to be teased by my colleagues for not knowing this and that artistes. I'm gonna make myself comfortable checking out some hip hop videos, best Rap songs and Top 10 Rappers tonight.


Why The Elderly Like That...

I think you will only know this if you're one who go for jog or walk regularly. If you are, have you seen some of the elderly like to "walk backward" instead of walking normally? I'm wondering why they like to do this. I heard some people(reliability is doubted) said that walking backward may help in memory if one doing it regularly in long term. Tonight, we had dinner at parents' place as usual. I started his topic and my mom told me that there was an incident where an old woman fell down as a result of her walking backward while my mom and her Tai-Chi mates doing their routine in Tai-Chi. Luckily the old woman was not badly hurt, she just got some minor bruises and little bleeding on her skin. I advise to all the elderly, walk in the normal style would be safer as you can't really sense as to any holes, stones or whatever behind you.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get Prepared Halloween Costumes

I don't know when is the Halloween exactly but I always love and curious about this special day. Remember seeing a bunch of kids wearing those funny Halloween costumes in the TV knocking the door from house to house asking for candies and chocolates. When I was a kid, I want to wear like them too but my mom said that we do not celebrate Halloween here as it's a Westerner celebration. I was very disappointed and wondering why it is not a festival celebrated worldwide just like Christmas Day? So we can only see the Westerner kids holding the pumpkin lights wandering about on this special day through TV programmes.

Although we are not celebrating Halloween in this country, I guess it doesn't stop us from wearing those funny costumes for the party or role play on stage, right?...I just got an invitation from an old coursemate inviting me and hubby for a cocktail party at her new house serving as a reunion among the coursemates who are not seeing each other for years. This is not any cocktail party but there's a special dress code request for all the attendees. We must wear with CREATIVE, FUN AND STRANGE?! (But no naked please...) I love you girl, I love it so much as you make my dream comes true. I'm searching through for something extraordinary.

There are just too many choices of costumes with different categories and themes. I browse under the "Adult category" and's so amazing for their long list of costumes. "Greek & Roman", "Wild West & Cowboy" and "Witch & Wizard" are among my favourite. Spending a few hours at this homepage, finally I have made my mind to be the Piratesses of the night. Don't you think this black and pinky short skirt is sexy for me? As for hubby, he said he wants something real humorous. Ok, I supposed wearing like Fred Flinstone would be simply his choice! A caveman dating a sexy Piratesses could make us the most interesting couple of the party. Lets see. Grab your favourite costume too at their huge sale running where you may enjoy up to 50% discount for selected items.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Your Day, Honey!

22.06.2008: It's your BIRTHDAY!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Hubby,
Happy Birthday to YOU!"

Hubby, I'm wishing you HEALTHY & HAPPY always. Thanks for sharing the happy moments and lending your shoulders to me when I need! It's interesting to explore the life together. Read more about the celebration and the birthday present.

~I Love You!~

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Big Sandwich

We have passing-by the Norwegian bakery many times whenever we go shopping at Ikano Power Center and Ikea. I don't know they name but always like to try their pastry because it seems fresh and attractive on the shelves. They located at the small corner which seems comfortable to have a cuppa and chat with friends too. So this may be a great place to hang out with some good old friends next time!

Hubby bought a tune sandwich from there yesterday. Oh yeah, it's Moment's Bakery. Since the sandwiches is quite a huge one, I suggested that we eat it this morning. So I put in into fridge yesterday night.

Take out from the fridge, it's still very fresh!

It doesn't look big in this pic but it's a huge one indeed. Get ready to reheat it in the microwave oven.

Smell good! I cut it into half because I can't finish the whole one. To make a cup of hot coffee, wow...that's the perfect match of my light breakfast today! The sandwich tastes ok, nothing special but I must admit that the tuna is tastier than I prepare myself, hehehe.

What's your breakfast today?...


Friday, June 20, 2008

Live Magic Show

Since I was a small girl, I was always curious as to the magic shows. I was thirst for the answers for every tricks. I kept asking my parents for the answers. When I reached the age where I fully understood that there won't be an exact answer to most of my queries, I started to love watching magic shows. The shows bring us imaginary and I truly enjoyed the "after shows effect" where my mind will be full of mysteries and questions to myself. My parents always claim that Harry Houdini is the greatest illusionist whereas I admired David Copperfield a lot during that time. The revolution in magic shows transcend into a modern theme and we meet the sensational illusionist, Criss Angel.

To add more excitement to the mysteries surrounding, CRISS ANGEL Believe will be a haunting exploration deep inside the invention mind between the land of the living and a surreal world. You'll expect the show to be emotional engaged by the arts of mysticism and illusion. Besides Criss, there are two women, four bizarre Ushers, a high-energy troupe of character and dancers sure will bring more colourful to the show. If you want to see the live show in Luxor Las Vegas, join me to type "Believe" and send to 22122 in the text message contest to try your luck winning yourself 2 tickets to the show. Get ready your cell phones!

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I'm Sleepless

Hello, Good Morning people! As the title suggest, I'm sleepless tonight and I'm going out from my bedroom to check my mail box & sign-in MSN but too bad no one is online at this moment. So I can't chat with anyone. I don't know what's the match (Euro Cup) later (who v. who) but it still long in between! So, I'm hanging here...

I think I'm gonna sleep in the office tomorrow (oops...should be later instead of tomorrow coz it's 1 something in the morning!). But luckily it's Friday and usually many "Important People" in the office will come in late and go back earlier. That's the "stress-less" day of the week! Ok, let's finish my assignment and go ZZZzzz again. Ciao!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Invest In Gold

While most people suffering in this economy recession, some of them are still willing and eagerly in buying gold coins and gold ingots. Well, I do not have much knowledge nor experience in this but what I understand is collecting this kind of precious metal would be the best investment. Due to this, I'm very much interested to start invest on it.

Thus, I search for the relevant information online as what I normally do before a particular "project" is commenced. From what I got in my research, I learned that Monex Deposit Company is the pioneer in this market for more than 30 years. They'll provide for immediate personal delivery and storage at an independent bank or depository could be arranged. If you're affordable and thinking of an investment, buying gold is perfect simply because the value in it will never be diminished whereas the process of buying and selling is easy!


Some Funny One To Share

There are a couple of incidents/things which I find is kind of funny in blogging so far. I'm wondering you guys have such experience before or perhaps you may like to share our own version?...

1. I have mentioned this much earlier. One of my buddies don't like me visit her blog everyday. She got angry and deleted my link. So do I because I find this is annoying.

2. Some mommy bloggers are prone to only friend with other mommy bloggers. They are not interested to follow your updates after they know you're not a mom!

3. Some didn't even bother to read the content and post a comment and it's inaccurate with the facts in the content of the post. Then do you feel like your work not being appreciated?...

4. Some will be started off very friendly and close to you and turn out to be cold like an ice later on.

How about you, any weird one or funny one to share with us?...I'm glad to listen.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daily Blogger Award

It's been quite some time didn't receive award for this blog and I got one from my sweet buddy, SweetJasmine. Thanks! Oh I'm a daily blogger?...Pause for a while...Oh yeah I force to update my blog "almost daily" because it needs as the interim post before going on the next paid one. But I enjoy updating frequent too to get more readers visit mine.

I'm tagging other daily blogger, Mistipurple and Rozella.


Drugs Reference Made Easier

We are living in the century of high performance information technology, there are many gadgets and devices produced lately which benefit us consumers a lot in both our career and lifestyle. And now, the medical practitioners, clinicians and pharmacists must be very glad to equip themselves with PDA medical software for the ease of references in different drug prescriptions. It saves time and the related administration job in searching.

Epocrates offers free Medical Pocket PC Software, free Medical Palm Software and free Medical Windows Mobile Software. Those who are holding Blackberry devices, iPhone or iPod Touch are accessible to the drug reference. To learn more on what's offering in the premium drug reference, please log-in to You can compare and contrast the services in free and premium offering.

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He Proves Me Wrong

Yeah, I was wrong but I glad too...

I have mentioned that I was doubted for Rafa in the recent match in The Artois Championship. Nevertheless, all his hard work, skills and determination have brought him the victory at the end! I truly respect player like him playing with full swing.

I remembered this one, he was shouting to himself to release his anger because he made a string of careless mistakes in the midst of the match. Or perhaps it helps as he came back with the very sharp baseline balls. Those who want some POWER pump in, you gotta watch Rafa play tennis!

I have always thought that playing with Djokovic is very much difficult than to play with FedEx. But Rafa managed to overcome thee men. He defeated Djokovic with superb will power and he won his first title for the grass court. So Rafa must have better confidence to play on grass in Wimbledon started on 23.06.2008. Hope he can overcome FedEx on grass aw well. We are here for you, Rafa!!!


I Found My Music

Listening to the music for me is like wearing a watch, it's my greatest companion that I can't go without. Although my favourite are Alternative Rock and Classical, I'm always looking for other good rhythms to add into my variety. I think Sites and Sounds is simply a nice place for every music lover. There, we can read the biodata of a particular artiste or music band so that we can know them better besides catching a music video and listening to some of their musics uploaded.

You can search your favourite music under "tags" where I found a group named Northern Room in Alternative Rock. It assures us that those who like U2 and Coldplay must like them as well. This is a real good one to Discover New and Free music at Sites and Sounds. Well, I enjoy reading the entries posted by those who admire the artistes. I love the one in "Assembly of Dust" where it introduces in a way that it's like a stranger telling you to greet and welcome your life in a happy way. How meaningful! Go search for more and Get free music at Sites and Sounds.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh Friends...

I'm very glad that I make many friends through my blogs and some of you real good in following my updates here quite frequent. I appreciate that! Yeah, we do enjoy while friends reading our posts and comments mutually right? So do I. Besides writing paid posts, I love reading others' update and comment accordingly.

For those I knew long time ago and didn't come back visit me long time as well, sorry I'll just delete your link(s) here (You can do it to me too, I don't mind) because I just want those who really treasure the friendship to stay in my blog. That's not too much right?...


A Resourceful Condo Review Site

I guess a newly-wed couple is most suitably living in condo or apartment as their first property if cost is the concerning issue. However, there are variety of luxury condos and apartments too for those leading a high-end lifestyle. Well, hubby and I staying in a condo near the heart of the city. Recalled those days we were searching for a desired one, compare and contrast one from another is nonetheless part of the process in house hunting. What we did is flipping through the ads in the newspapers and called up the real estate agents for viewing the condos. Repeating the process is very time consuming indeed!

Anyone who's looking for toronto condos or toronto lofts is luckier than us because you can almost find all of the ranges at your fingertips by the help of the most advance search engine. One will be updated with the detailed information and the latest pictures of the properties by referring to the listing. So it saves some journey to look at the actual condos one by one, you can just move on to others if you're not satisfied with a particular one. Besides equipped oneself some tips in the buyer's guide, one may have a thorough study on the property by reading what are the opinion put in by those owners and tenants at toronto condo reviews.

There's a forum for the owners and tenants in communicating each other thus planning for any events or execution of agenda could be easier. For sellers, you can find the value of your condos and go through a complete checklist before you decided to sell it off. This is a very resourceful and informative homepage which benefits both buyers and sellers of toronto condos.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Doubted For Rafa

I watched Rafa playing with Ivor Karlovic in The Artois Chmpionship (Wimbledon warm-up match). Nothing impressive. Karlovic is a big server and both of them can't really got into the spark so the match was rather boring. Honestly, Rafa is still playing unconvincing on the grass. His skill is undoubted for but his movement is. There's still room of improvement. By the way, he should have knew better than I am! He'll face A-Rod today in Semi-final. Hope Rafa can play better and much better in the coming Wimbledon matches.

My point proved in this pic, poor Rafa sitting on the grass during the match!


That's Me

~ That's Me~

Well, I'm a very simple looking lady to myself but I'm wondering why most of my colleagues claimed that I have a very serious looking face. Oh yeah, probably I seldom smile while I typing in front of the PC or I'm too fierce when answering a phone?...Good thing is I never get complained by any of the customers in the office. But I can tell you, many of them just knowing one side of me which is the serious side. Actually, I can be hilarious, humorous and naughty somehow. Nevermind, that's enough for my hubby to notice my other side because making funny faces is my own flirting in winning his heart! He said that he loves being someone who is easy-going and comfortable with.

I think everyone has their own way in flirting either verbally or non-verbally. Nevertheless, there are some really insensitive to it. If your're one of this category, a very interesting virtual game from Extreme Style by VO5 titled Ultimate Flirting Championship is simply designed for you! You can relax, express yourself and don't be shy when answering the questions throw at you by the judge. Select the cool answers to win the judge's attention and go all the way to experience the Victory Hair at the end of the game. Best of luck!

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Euro'08 : Italy v. Romania

Wow, that's so much fun because hubby is watching soccer while I'm blogging in the midnight. I got a companion today otherwise I'll be blogging alone and I don't need coffee too. How great it is! And I watched a bit of the match just now. I think Italy team displaying a rather poor performance compared to the time when Paolo Madini (unsure the spelling) is the captain. There were so many open opportunity and they just wasted it in front of the goal! And I'm a bit pity to the Romania team as well because they played so well yet couldn't win. Italy is so lucky today to have the goal-keeper saves the penalty! But I guess Italy won't go much farther based on the quality of their play.


Please Get Her A New Vacuum


The recent price hiking in fuel is still the hot and most talked about topic among the colleagues during lunch hour. For those who are still single and staying with their parents may not know how heavy the burden in taking care of a household in terms of the basic expenses spent. And coupled with the fact of the price increasing in electricity started soon in July, there's a memo pasted at the white board advising all the staffs to save electricity. Actually this is not something new but this time it sounds rather serious because the memo extended to our cleaning auntie too.

We have the vacuum, cleaning liquid and others for cleaning auntie. She has complained that the vacuum is worn out and it's going to break down anytime. True enough, it stopped functioning some weeks later but the new one has not been bought.You know the reason? Using less electrical items can help cutting the costs in the over-loading electricity bill. So I guess the Accucharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac from Dirt Devil may get the issue resolved. Both the vacuums are Energy Star approved with great energy-saving of 70%. There's a lot can be saved! Please quickly go get one for auntie use as I can't stand anymore when she sweeps around the office because I keep sneezing when dusts flying into my nose.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh Man, They Don't Want Business...

When I found out that the battery of my watch is flat, I quickly go to get a new battery at one watch shop because my routine will be running haywire if I don't have a watch telling me the time correctly. I was then shopping in 1U so there are some watch shops there but of course I didn't go into the one selling luxury time pieces since I'm just buying a battery for my old Guess watch. Then I bumped into PK Time (saw the name, it's a real "PK" shop. Ask a Chinese if you don't understand what does it mean). I talked to the woman for what I want, she gesturing to me with a "rude and damn look" as if I was very disturbing her! So fine and I went off without bothering such a bastard (sorry for being rude!)

Then went into City Chain, ok the lady asked me to wait because she was attending a customer. So I waited. When I saw one of her colleagues was free, I told him what I want. Alright, the super genius is acting up here! "Miss, your watch seems having another problem but not because of the battery." Wow, so smart just with a glance of my watch huh! I ignored what he said and I insisted on wanting to replace the old battery. He said they don't have stock. Then I approached to the lady just now. She checked for me and changed for me. I asked her why the guy simply said no stock and so on. Guess what another genius replied? " He has the right to tell customer that we don't have stock when they doubted for it..."

Hello, are you ok? If you don't dare to sell battery then put up a notice there and make sure big enough for the patronage, you have every right to do it! So this is the poor attitude of MALAYSIAN today, how to improve?...No hope!


Heard of Flirting Games?

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Do you go for hair care or "to beautify" your hair at saloon once a month to look attractive as pat of your effort to flirt the one you love? I guess most women are willing to do this. Never mind if you don't but I'm sure you may like to experience it through a funny virtual games named Ultimate Flirting Championship, courtesy of Extreme Style by VO5. You can choose your gender, hairstyle and colour of your hair among others then you'll be directed to the waiting room to wait for another two participants. If your chosen to be the judge, you'll ask a couple of questions and select the one you like. Too bad, while I was answering the question pondered to me just now, my opponent suddenly quit the game. Guess she wanted to surrender earlier but I'm still wondering what's the Victory Hair. If you're interested too, grab the widget above and play it with your blogger buddies.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Happy!

Since I have told my readers about how happy I was yesterday in my other blog, I feel like sharing it with my readers here as well. Firstly, I received an email from SocialSpark informing that I has been awarded with bonus of USD25.00 for my post written to a particular advertiser. I was so excited because I never thought that I will be given such award when I was given the offer in the first place. Minutes later, I got another two emails informing me about the bonus from two different advertisers. Wow, it's amazing! I'll produce more quality works in the future!

1. My bonus USD25.00 from DepositNow

2. My bonus USD40.00 from Small Orange Software

3. My bonus USD50.00 from Hensley Mfg



I Need My Identity Protected


We are now living in the advance of information technology era whereby many things and transactions can be done "electronically" at our end basically. This is a great breakthrough from the past and very much to the consumers' convenience at large although some complicated one still need to process manually. I guess the most benefited are us , the working folks who come back late at night and lazy to go out in the weekend. Of course I'm one of them who frequently surfing net for both pleasure (shopping and purchase online) and serious matters (paying utility bills) at home whenever I feel free.

In order to perform those purchases and payments online, I have registered one of my credit cards at their sites. No matter how secure they guaranteed at the time I got my card registered, the problem of my credit card numbers being hacked did happen at the later part. When I got my statement end of the month, I discovered someone has spent a whopping thousand plus with my identity. So I cleared the doubt with the credit card issuer which was rather time consuming. I need a reliable one who gives me thorough protection. So, today I make a move to Visit Shop Shield® trying to solve the above. I supposed they provide a better way to prevent fraud because our actual personal data will be replaced with anonymous information temporary which are just meaningless to the hackers while any transaction online is going on. It's worth to try the service since it's free and you should Learn More of the security issues and other benefits gained from them as it's impossible for me to list down all.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Giant Track

It was a beautiful Sunday hubby and I went shopping in a complex. There were toys promotions and book fair everywhere in conjunction with the school holiday.

Hubby, my big kid was very excited to see all his favourite toys as if a kid jumping to the wonderland. Honestly, I was happy and excited too! hehehe...

We both surprised when looking at this giant track of Thomas & Friends. If my nephew was going with us, he must be shouting for happiness! Well, I love it too but I know it must be at least cost a few thousand ringgit because the basic one is around RM120.00.

I'm thinking to collect those miniature Sylvanian Families set. Those are very adorable. I'm controlling myself from buying now as I want to tidy my small room first and hubby said we can put all the toys we collected in the room. Yeah!

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Learn Math In A Fun Way

When I was schooling, my least favourite subject is Mathematics. I was worrying so much of the different formulas and applications. If one is worry and fear towards a particular subject, one can hardly score well in the exams just like myself. I went for tuition classes but I supposed not much benefits gained from there. I'm not keen on figures all the while and I guess if I was taught in a simplified or rather a more creative approach, I'll be comfortable with the subject. How lucky the students today in learning math through MathVids as it's no longer complicated and much easier to understand because those lessons are nicely developed into visual materials like videos and slides.


Parents who let their kids going through the tutorials should have confident because all the works are prepared by the certified teachers and staffs. The topics include basic math from Middle School to the more advance one in College. Besides, those who're interested to learn for fun can go for the lessons too. This is not any other videos found in YouTube or TeacherTube, the tutorials in videos are very impressive to me, you can check out How MathVids Works and judge it yourselves. On the other token, you can earn from there if you're a math teacher. Upload your teaching and you can make more money if your video appears to be popular among others.

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Next Grand Slam

Ok, Rafa is the Champ for Roland Garros and he has the equal standing with the legend, Bjorn Borg with 4 consecutive wins in French Open. What I'm waiting, in fact all the tennis fans waiting now is the next Grand Slam end of the month in Wimbledon. Rafa's skill in playing the grass surface is still not convincing because he seems unable to control the games thoroughly as on the clay while his skills hardly displayed. I hope Rafa has improved his technique on grass and hardcourt because a great player must be shine in different surface. And I'm also wondering is FedEx still dominate in Wimbledon based on his poor performances even before French Open...Wait and see...


Monday, June 9, 2008

Where To Advertise?

Since the economy is getting worse and doing business is very competitive out there undoubtedly. People tend to look out the unconventional way to advertise their products and services in order to widen the targeted customers and increase sales subsequently. Talking about the unconventional way, I supposed to advertise through blogs is most effective in this IT advanced era whereby people prone to check updates online rather than reading newspaper not magazines because we'll be equipped with the constant update via internet.

This is a better alternative especially for those running online business or those newly set up business and try saving expenses to advertise on budget. Please check out the special deal offered by where one will get the stuffs advertised with the costs as low as USD50 only. What you need to do is log on to the homepage as mentioned and register yourself as an account user after you agree as to all the terms and conditions. So that you can plan your budget accordingly. For your information, the registration is absolutely FREE!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nice Food & Greeting

You know hubby and I love to hunt for new cuisine and good food everytime we go shopping or on holiday. We had these in a weekend quite sometime ago but I have forgotten to upload it that time. Here share with you our favourite food in one of our usual hang out restaurant in 1 Utama, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

My Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet Rice with Veggie while hubby with his Beef Baked Cheese Rice

We shared this big mug of Jasmine Lemon Honey Tea. I love it as it's very refreshing in the hot day. The drinks there are all very big mug except for the coffee so we usually share on one drink because we hardly finished it by own if we ordered two separately. And the prices for the food there are reasonable so we will go there for lunch if we can't think of another better place or if we don't want to try a new place.