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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Going Magical World Of Disney!

Going back to my parents' place is nice because it's like the gathering of my siblings and we have thousand topics to chat. How about the kids? The older one prefer reading story books whereas the younger one will definitely catch the cartoon channels. My niece is the loyal fan of Mickey Mouse and Friends. She loves Mickey so much. This reminds me that I actually love Mickey too very much during my childhood. I was then always wish to go Disneyland with my parents but we didn't make it. Now I'm a mother myself and I can foresee how much a kid love the play land if too much exposure to the Disney cartoons.
Besides the kids having fun at the theme park to meet their favorite characters, we adults have much to do too. We can visit Epcot Food and Wine Festival which is currently running at the Walt Disney World Resort’s Epcot theme park. Food lover like me sure have some good time there. I'm gonna learn some skills in preparing desserts too. If you're the liquor fan, there's tequila tasting seminar which I think won't let you down.

The other fun place I would like to visit could be the scary Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights in conjunction with the Halloween. Don't worry as kids can always go to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! I would like to explore the haunted houses and scare zones to test my heart beat!... I just couldn't wait to get the Disney World Tickets immediately and to fly over there now! If you are interested too, you can visit or call toll free (866) 225-4712 for ticket booking.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Greeting From My Baby

Yeah there are a lot I didn't update about my pregnancy, my labour and my baby but these are all done in my other blog and you may hop over there to read if you love to. Since I started my own domain, I guess I have been leaving this blog stagnant for such a long time and to get back my readers here is really not an easy job though... Anyway, I'll try to "contact" most of you as an effort to treasure our friendship while making some more new friends!


Here's my Baby XJ, he has just reached 2 months old 2 days ago. But I find he looks much mature than his actual age, agree?... He is a playful boy, he smiles at us when we "chat" with him. He doesn't like to staying alone in the bouncer, sure he will shout for companion. His smile is melting our heart but sometimes he is not very "co-operative" and go cranky when he is hungry + very sleepy then he will cry out loudly!... Ok, this is just some little update and I'll bring baby to visit Paed today for his 2nd month vaccination. Ciao!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Rainy Days

Finally we get the rains today and yesterday! It was like waiting for a big festive season to come because we have been living in the hot humid weather for months without a drop of rain, can you imagine that? It's so refreshing to see the garden is all wet again. I guess the people in Arizona is yelling now for the extremely hot weather, as hot as 80 degree! Anyway, those who would like to stay permanently there, I guess it's better to study more on the landscaping for Arizona to gain more knowledge on their geographical information. Having known that the hot weather there, do you still interested to have further study on landscaping for Arizona?


It Kept In My Heart

I don't know where and how to start about this...basically is regarding the communication between myself and hubby. Sometimes I found that I do not know how to talk to him and I do not understand why? It's sort of "so near yet so far" kind of feeling... It's not that we don't have constant communications and that's why I'm heart broke as he seems don't understand me whenever the argument started. Is it because men's thinking prone to be square? Sorry guys I have to say this... Why can't men talk in a more "logic" way and all sort of stupid talks threw in. I know everything we do is for the good of our baby but why can't you say something in a nicer tone when problem arises (well, it's actually some very minor issues). That's why I'm hurt. He can't understand and said why I look so depressed...Oh God, I tried not to fight so that I kept it in my heart and my face of course appears to be rather angry, I'm a human afterall... This will repeat next time although it's ended now, I'm lost somehow to look for a total resolution on this...

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blame The Flu...

Yeah I guess many of you agree with me that because of the aggressive spreading of H1NI, we rather stay at home more often than going to the places with a lot of people. But having myself "confined" at home so long make me feeling so boring and blue, I'm thinking when can I have a family vacation in a long holiday? I want to bring my baby out of the house and smell the nature?...

I love Mother Nature a lot so that I'll get my baby exposed to the nature more often next time. This White Sand Beaches of Riviera Maya is just perfect for a family getaway. I love the sunrise, the sunset and the smell of the beaches. It simply keep me refreshing...I want to taste the food too as they promise something great in their new concept of "Gourmet Inclusive".

A stay at Azul Beach Hotel is excellent for a family because of their family-friendly amenities so that you won't worry in case you forget to bring this and that. You know they even have baby milk heater and refrigerator for milk. If you're very serious in dining, you should go Azul Beach’s Asian Tainan restaurant and Caribbean café, La Mancha whereas liquor enthusiast must visit Agavero Tequila Lounge. For me, I'll bring baby to participate the events and join others in family-friendly kids' activity center. If you're interesting too, you can call 212-629-8445 or drop a line to Pamela Johnston ( Amanda Deveaux ( for further information.


Continue or Not?...

Yeah I'm a bit headache to think whether or not I want to continue updating my blog here after "retiring" for about 9 months. This is all because I thought I will just concentrate on my other blog with my own domain but if I stop here, all my works done previously seems like wasted. On the other hand, most of my blogger friends here (who are not aware that I continue blogging at my own domain) thought I'm missing forever and I simply don't want to lose my friendship with them!

After much of serious thought these days, I have decided to continue writing here and hope I'll get the support from you all again. I miss most of you here and wondering how are you doing and I promise I'll jump over to your places and catch up with up. See u guys!

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