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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toys & Gifts Catalog

If you're the Star Card member from Toy 'R' Us, I'm sure you should have received their catalog as shown above. I have applied the card much earlier because having look at the fact that I need to buy gifts for my nieces & nephews for their birthdays, Christmas, CNY and for their good results in exams too... So, I gain points in long term. When I'm browsing the gifts inside there, I think I love them too! For those who are still looking for something to your kids, I guess Toy 'R' Us is the best place to get one.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

How We Celebrate...

Thank you so much buddies for all your wishes in the previous post! Wanna know how and where we celebrated this special day? Actually no grand celebration. Since we both enjoyed good food, we decided to dine at a comfy restaurant and chat with a cuppa. This time we thought going to try food at The Apartment@KLCC but that was raining and we were afraid to be caught in the jam. Therefore, we changed our initial plan to go Tony Romas@Gardens (MidValley).

I had Marinated Grill Chicken, hubby ordered Roasted Garlic Chicken with Rosemary. The food are alright but it's quite salty which I don't like. Their mashed potatoes and Bread with Garlic Cheese (starter) are both excellent! Anyway, we enjoyed the night!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our 2nd Anniversary!

Yeah, today is our 2nd Anniversary! Although there's time we are unhappy for arguments, no doubt I'll hold your hand to go through all different phrases in life as I believe true love fills with not only sweet but sour and bitter sometimes...

Happy Anniversary, hubby! Lets go dinner tonight.


Alphabet Questions: Who Am I Tag?

Thank you Nyumix for tagging me this.

A. Attached or single? Attached
B. Best friend? Yes
C. Cake or pie? Pie
D. Day of choice? Holiday
E. Essential item? Money.
F. Favorite color? Orange.
G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears.
H. Hometown? Malaysia.
I. Favorite indulgence? Strawberry banana ice cream.
J. January or July? No particular.
K. Kids? Not yet.
L. Life isn’t complete without? My family.
M. Marriage date? Nov 11.
N. Number of magazine subscriptions: Two.
O. Oranges or apples? Both.
P. Phobias? Reptiles.
Q. Quotes? "Don't quit when you're hardest hit".
R. Reasons to smile? Achievement.
S. Season of choice? Spring.
T. Tag 5 people. Kikey, Posh Post & Rozella (3 only ok)
U. Unknown fact about me? I'm sentimental girl.
V. Vegetable? All types.
W. Worst habit? Spending too much time surfing net.
X. X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound
Y. Your favorite foods? Spaghetti.
Z. Zodiac sign? Archer.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stylish Glasses

Do you know that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Do check that out for their stylish, quality and durability glasses which are suitable for all ages group. You won't have to spend much on a pair of good glasses anymore because you can always enjoy the benefit of Great Eyeglasses For Less. Spend a little more time browsing and you'll see Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni with all the reasonable prices. Don't be surprise when you see they offering the lowest price of only $8, there is not an commercial gimmick. Do read more regarding Zenni on Fox, you'll appreciate how and why they manage to offer in such an attractive price!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Last Chance Of The Season...

It's the most exciting battle between Massa and Hamilton in the final race in Brazilian GP. Since Massa successfully earned himself pole position, he still has the opportunity for the champion. The plus point is that Brazil is his hometown and he has a lot of his home-grown fans! Hubby and I are hoping to see Massa win but my brother prefers Hamilton to win. I guess most people around me love seeing Hamilton to win. For me, both Hamilton and Massa are both talented drivers. They have their strength and weakness eg. Massa can't drive well in the rainny day/wet condition whereas Hamilton sometimes driving in a very excited manner hence mistake couldn't be avoided. I love seeing Massa wins if you ask me to choose one of them because Massa is a real aggressive driver likewise M. Schumacher (only the aggresiveness) although in the most difficult situation. This is a very important value for a Champion in my opinion. So who do you like to see to become the Champion of 2008?


The Pink Sisterhood Tag

My dear buddy, Juliana tagging me this and I love to be anticipated for spreading the awareness of breast cancer to the women all around the world!

* One in eight women or 12.6% of all women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.
* Breast cancer risk increases with age and every woman is at risk.
* Every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer.
* Seventy-seven percent of women with breast cancer are over 50.
* Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women between the ages of 15 and 54, and the second cause of cancer death in women 55 to 74.
* Risks for breast cancer include a family history, atypical hyperplasia, early menstruation (before age 12), late menopause (after age 55), current use or use in the last ten years of oral contraceptives, and daily consumption of alcohol.
* Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival.

Facts taken from Women's Health

And now here is the tag and the rules:
1. Put the logo in your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Add your link to the list of participants below
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

PINK Sisterhood :
1- Fara 2- Massy 3- N.O.Y 4- Mariuca 5- A Great Pleasure 6- LadyJava 7- Kim 8- Pink Thoughts 9- Turn-u-Off 10- Roxiticus Desperate Housewives 11- STAY AT HOME MOM 12- Fida Abbott 13- Also Mommy 14- Janice Ng 15- Juliana's Site 16- Life Is Mysterious 17-YOU Next!

I'm passing this tag to: Demcy & Tammy


News To Soccer Fans!

If your boyfriend or husband love watching football matches, this would be a piece of good news for them. As my hubby is a soccer mania, we used to fight for the TV sometimes when I want to watch my favorite programs whereas he wants to catch the live soccer match at the same time. I guess the newly launched of by Carlsberg Brewery could get our problem solved finally. This is a web-tv channel with 5 channels showing all aspects of football from those classic matches to life as a fan. Not only that, you can check out those funny moments from the video clips at Football Magic channel. If you like to share some of the matches you think it's special, go upload it at the extra feature. Oh, hubby will gonna sit in front of the computer all day long then!


Relax In The Park

Honestly, I'm not very fancy for going shopping in every weekend. Sometimes I feel it's boring and I rather stay at home, watch DVDs with my hubby in the chilled room. Or, I love going for outing if we have settled the house chores earlier. Sunrise, Mon't Kiara is one of the places me and hubby like to hang out to. Although there's not many attraction, I love there being not crowded and shop at the flee market there. Usually we have a cuppa at one of the cafes or take a meal at McD. Recently, there have built two fish ponds. Those Koi fishes swimming happily. During the hot day, I feel like wanted to jump into the pond and swimming with the fishes!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

XBox 360 Giving Away Everyday!

Are you preparing a gift for someone in the coming Christmas but running out of budget? Do not worry, there is an opportunity to win a XBox 360® as Charter is giving-away this gaming console everyday until December 15! You may try your luck by ordering any Charter service online or registering at Charter's webpage without any purchase. Alternatively, you will be automatically given an entry to win by trying a Charter service risk-free for 30 days.

The prize pack includes:-
XBox 360® Pro Console
XBox LIVE Headset
Wireless Controller
Component HD AV Cable
20Gb Detachable Hard Drive

For those services you may think of subscribing which enhances the performance in gaming are:-
>Cable TV + Internet + Phone ($99.97/month for 12 months)
*Tips for gamer: add Charter HD and get the best picture possible.

>Digital Home + Internet ($74.98/month for 6 months)
*Tips for gamer: Charter High-Speed® Internet is perfect for XBox Live.

>High-Speed Internet ($24.99/month for 6 months)
*Tips for gamer: Ask about faster internet speed, up to 16Mbps.

If you are the serious gamer, you should consider the experience with Charter which delivers the ideal result through internet at the fastest and most reliable speed available whereas to get picture quality 6 times sharper than a standard TV by adding Charter HD is not impossible. Check whether or not your area is within the eligible area (New York is excluded). Do check out more on Charter Communications Xbox Sweepstakes and the complete sweepstakes rules at Hurry up!



A Lovely Outing

The last time I went to Putrajaya was quite some years ago. My elder niece was just a chubby toddler during that time but she is a Standard two pupil now and her height is about my shoulder! Couple of weeks ago hubby asked me to go Putrajaya again, I said yes without much thought although it was a sunny day... It was so terribly HOT!

There was not much changed. What I dislike there is the facilities are not well maintained. The lake here look beautiful but I'm wondering why it was so smelly when we get near and walked on the path beside. Due to the hot weather, we canceled our initial planning to go for cycling. Just explore the garden and dine at the chilled food court before going home.